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Holosight & various Stuff for sale

Got anymore to add to the list? (Update also)

I'm always looking into some gucci kit.

Mate, do you still have the M9 bayonet?

If so, is it a Buck?

What about the Buck markings on the base of the blade.

If its a Lan Kay or Ontario, I'll pass.


Nothing new to update yet to speak of. 

The Bayonet is a buck.

CP Gear compression bag CADPAT? (woah it feels weird posting back here after such a long absence!)

If so I have high interest in it.
Apollo Diomedes said:
Few pictures of requested items. I'll try and respond to emails tonight.  I'm an hour out of Ottawa

If anyone wants different angles of the items in pictures or whatever no problem. Also if anyone wants pictures of something else just ask and I'll go and take some.

So far payment is EMT because I don't know any other way yet lol

Remainder (Tracker, SEAL Pup and Katana not for sale)

I know the message is dated, but it never hurts to ask. I am interested in the black Tanto blade knife, and possibly the two Tanto blade swords. Are the swords able to be sharpened? How much are you asking for each item, if they are still available?

Hey Kilroy,

The black bladed tanto is still available for $50 and the Ninjato machette (one on the far right) is $50 also.
The sword along the top isn't for sale however.
The ninjato machette is quite sharp already and can be sharpened further.

hello my name is jeremie i was interested in the jump rucksack. do you still have it ? illl be waiting you news back thank you
jayhache121 said:
hello my name is jeremie i was interested in the jump rucksack. do you still have it ? illl be waiting you news back thank you

Reply # 12 states the jump ruck is sold.
I've had a few PMs about an updated list of what's available. Apologizes for it taking so long.

Here is a list of what I have left.  Maybe be a few more items as I'm rummaging through my stuff.

I'll work on pics of the items.  If anyone is interested in anything I'll be happy to take specific pics of it and send it over to them.
As for prices I'm working on that too. If someone is interested in something I'll take a look what it goes for and give them a deal.

Black C7 handguards with attached Mako rail.
Converse zippered boots, tan. Size 9 1/2  only wore twice.
Danner desert boots. (TFX)  Size 9.  Great condition
Size 7 Arid floppy hat
Size 11 goretex socks, black
Size 9 goretex socks, black (8")
Medium tan combat gloves. (still in package)
Old school Bosnia-era load bearing vest Size large
Green US issue (medium) alice pack, no frame.
Size 7 (small) US impact gloves
Arid TT zippered pouch.

US M9 bayonet
Buck 119 Special
Tom Brown Tracker survival knife
WW2 Paratrooper knife
Cold Steel recon tanto
USMC Kbar (ontario knives)
CF issue MK4 survival knife
CF issue 'jump knife'


    I am interested in knowing if the Tom Brown tracker is still available and how much you are asking for it... Thank You.
Interested in the Arid Floppy hat is it CADPAT AR? How much are you asking? Im also interested in the CF MK4 survival knife.  :camo:  Thanks