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How's PFT these days?


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Got a bit of a shock at the Education Manager interviews last night - I've been dropped on a PFT this summer.  That's my first summer, so I guess there isn't much of a backlog anymore.  I'm not an exception, there are other first years going too.

Anyway, the idea honestly makes me very nervous.  In combination with what I've "heard" about the course becoming much less forgiving lately (which is out of my control), I have a pretty strong feeling that I'm not academically, or maybe even culturally, ready for it (which is in my control).  So I'm looking for opinions based on:

-I was pulled out of a navy NCM trade at very short notice and have been attending civilian university since.  I think a summer of OJT at a flying unit would be good exposure and experience;

-my math and physics memories are dim-to-nonexistent.  It's been a looooong time since highschool and I'm not taking any courses till the summer (nightschool) and next school year, and;

-the timing makes for a long break till phase 2, but that's more of an observation as I'm sure the schedulers are aware of it.  I don't finish school till 2015.

The SEM said he wouldn't send me on a course I wasn't confident about, but I've never deferred anything in my career.  Are any of my concerns justified?  Or should I gut up, cram during my off-time this semester and give it a shot?
PFT is a selection course - it is geared towards those will no previous flying time.  It is not physic/math intensive.  Don't worry about the gap between training - it is a check in the box that you need.