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I‘m definitely joining Army Cadets

Originally posted by Dano:
[qb] I am pleased you are able to join!

If it is the 2814 HAMILTON SVC BTN you are enrolling with, you are enrolling in a attractive corp in particular.

If you can‘t get driven.
Don‘t worry, walking for a few hours in sub-zero temp will build you good character and discipline. [/qb]
Well I have a few friends in Cadets whos parents were actually willing to drive me if my parents refused, so I think I‘m all good.
But my dad‘s the lazy one. He goes to the Y, (YMCA,) on Tuesdays. He can drop me off at the Armoury, go work out, and on his way home pick me up.
I can‘t wait though! :D
Good luck and dont listen to any of those people on these forumsn that make fun of cadets.
Hmm... well guys I have bad news.. :(
My mother has postponed Cadets. Lemme type out what she gave to me on a slip of paper:

For the next month you must meet the conditions listed below for us(my parents,) to CONSIDER entering you into Cadets.

1) You must take responsibility and do the laundry without being asked.
2) You must keep your room clean at all times without being asked.
3) You must find a physical activity which you will regularily participate in by the end of this month.
4) You must do vacuuming and dusting each weeked without complaining.
5) Regarding the computer, it will be used as a research/homework tool Monday - Thursday. This means no MSN or internet, and NO WAR GAMES.

Your trial will be reviewed the weekend of March 20th. 3 STRIKES AND YOU‘RE OUT, NO EXCUSES. If you fail to reach the conditions set in this agreement the topic of cadets will be dropped forever and will never be brought back up AGAIN."

:( I signed the agreement... now I have to wait and try my hardest to meet the requirements. I think it‘s just stupid that they made me do this.
I‘m going to the armoury with a buddy tonight to attend Cadets since it‘s Civvies and I might as well get a feel of it before slacking off a month or so. But the thing is, after I join I have to keep what‘s on the agreement, or my mom‘ll take me out. BAH! I‘m so angry..!
The way I see it is just another objective to overcome.

But, for you I know that‘s not good enough.

I suggest you explain the situation to the officers in the Corp. They may allow you to attend for the month(conditional) or at least be a spectator.

The agreement states about entering Cadets to be a Cadet.
It does not state whether you can or can not attend as a civilian.

You still have alot of convincing ahead of you, you‘re mother is obviously intent on you not joining.

Try and not look at it as a brick wall, but look at it as a objective to overcome for the greater good.
You‘re not alone. My parents were just as opposed to me joining cadets as well... except they flat out refused to sign on the dotted line for about 3 years! Yes, I was fifteen when I signed up, a very "old guy" indeed. I also had to find my own way there (riding Public Transit in uniform can be an interesting experience). Don‘t worry, once you get in, it‘ll all be worth it.

At least they can‘t say you don‘t have determination! Good luck and Per Ardua ad Aspera!
Famous words from my dad several years ago, "No daughter of mine will ever join the military"!

Well, dad, it‘s going on 3 years and I‘m an officer to boot! (he retired after 26 years as a cpl.)

Hey I also take public transit to cadets because my parents will not take me and wongskc is right it is an intresting experience. I also have a few friends who walk about 4 or 5 kilometers to cadets because their parents refuse to take them aswell. Good luck Lexi and don‘t let that contract stand in your way!
Lexi, dont worry it‘ll only make u stronger :warstory: .

Good Luck,
Well, I went to Cadets for the first time last night. :D
Boy is the armory ever COOL. I didn‘t do much, just sat on the balconies talking to some officers and watching the reserves do drill on the other side of the parade square.

My favourite guy there is Chief Warrant Officer ****, who would always yell, "YOU‘RE ALL GUNNA DIE!" to all the cadets when they were all in ranks. I had so much fun and loved it even though I was only watching. I‘m doing my hardest to keep the contract and so far my mom‘s impressed.

I hope it stays that way. :D
Good luck Lexi.... ;)

Someone edited the name of the Cheif Warrant Officer, lmao.
I changed it back btw, lol.
Looks like you‘re going to have the elements of military training as provided by your mom. Be sure to thank her for it when you join the reg force and pass basic. ;-)

All boils down to the "you‘re my kid / vs. / you are a human being with your own ideas" battle that every parent goes through. Reading the contract, she wants you to be a specific type of human being, and once you have satisfied that requirement, you get to have options. Besides, strict adherence to discipline is good for the soul, particularly in the army.

Now how is it you posted the contract on a Tuesday? School computer?

(I just noticed that the contract says the topic of "Cadets", and my weaselly mind noticed that there was no mention of the Militia included. ;-))
Lol, it‘s called being home alone my friend.
And good point... :evil:
Then there‘s at school when we have free time and the teacher‘s got his back turned.. ;)

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