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Incredible New Armour (Video)


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This stuff looks amazing. :eek:

Thats the same guy who made the anti bear suit.  He has a brother in the forces.  I hope the American and Canadian military buy his project.
He certainly is eccentric, but he knows what he's talking about and the bag certainly is something. I have a copy of the video of him "testing" his bear suit, I still howl whenever I see it, I don't think he's playing with a full deck but good luck to him, hope to hear of his product being purchased.
The fire paste amazes me, pure genius. I saw an episode on discovery channel about it, unbelievable stuff.
Good stuff !
this armor can save many lives thats for sure !
Anybody know what the weight of one of the pad/bags is?

I'd love to velcro that stuff all over my LAV if I had to go back to Iraq.
I dint thhink its too heavy you can see the guy take one without problem
I wonder how much that armour would cost per cubic feet as compared to armour seen on modern vehicles.

Imagine if his armour was cheap enough how cost effective it would be to replace the armour of a damaged vehicle.

A LAV hit with an RPG would probably have a significant amount of damage done to it, replacing it's armour would be tedeous and expensive.  Now imagine if that LAV had this armour and was shot by an RPG, all maintenance would have to do is remove the spend pad and place a new one!
Did you saw the video he actually told the price while he speaks
I believe they said three bags/panels cost approx. $1000
He said in the range of $300 per bag, but I imagine that if the govn't gave out a contract it could be significantly less.
I wonder how much it would cost to armour a LAV with this material vs. current materials.

Also I believe he said it cost him $300 to make each pad.  The costs would likely drop significantly if made by bulk instead of by him in his lab.
In addition to the $ Cost there will be a weight penalty

If we assume that the LAV is a box on wheels and that box is 7 meters long by 3 meters wide by 2 meters high ( just for a rough estimate) then there would be about 80 sq. meters to armour or roughly 800 sq. feet.  1 square foot looks to be roughly the size of one of those bags.  So you need about 800 bags.  At a price of $300 per bag it means an additional cost per LAV of $240,000.  A significant cost.

The other concern is weight.  One of the bags looks to weigh somewhere between 1 and 5 lbs,  it could be higher.  At 1 lb/ sq foot bag that means an additional load of 800 lbs, acceptable I would think.  At 5 lbs that would be 4000 lbs of armour or about 2 tons and I that I would think you might be pushing the limits of what a LAV could support in addition to what it is already required to carry. 

If the bags weigh 10 lbs that is going to mean 4 tons of additional material the LAV has to carry.  Could they carry that?

How much does that anti-rpg fence weigh?  Do with that and add his bags.  I think it might be more advantageous for the LUVW though.
You've got a point there CFL.

As well if you accepted that you were only going to supply the type of protection the RPG fence supplies and leave the floor unprotected (the LAV already seems to have a good record agains minestrikes and IEDs) and the upper deck unprotected (a problem when going into an urban environment I might think) then you could reduce my weight and cost estimates by half.

Kirkhill's calculations demonstrate why there is no perfect solution to the protection problem. When the Isreali Defense Force introduced "Blazer" Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA), it was thought to be the best thing since sliced bread, except for the fact it needed a solid layer of armour behind it (read much more than an M-113 or LAV), and had an annoying tendency to kill accompanying Infantry when it detonated....

No matter what sort of protective system is chosen, it should be applied where it will do the most good, not just layered all over the vehicle.