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Infantry Hearing Change


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I know there are similar threads on this forum but this one is a little different.

I went into the recruiting center 6 months ago, knowing my hearing level was an H3 (almost H2, I recently had another surgery that may have boosted me up to that level). I was suprised when the recruiter showed my a page full of the hearing levels for each of the trades. It showed infantry's standard as h3, which I was suprised about.

My question is, did I read that right? Or did the standard change? I told the recruiter I was H3 and he basically said go ahead and apply anyway. I'm kind of confused here, since what I've seen on these forums regarding hearing kind of contradicts that.
Techinically, the recruiter was correct - H3 is the minimum for Infantry, however, the Common Enrollment Medical Standard is H2. 

Oh weird, it says different online. Oh well, looks like I'm good to go  :warstory:
EastVan said:
Oh well, looks like I'm good to go

How do you figure that with an enrollment standard of H2 when you're an H3?  ???
EastVan said:
Oh weird, it says different online. Oh well, looks like I'm good to go  :warstory:

That was taken from the online version of the CFP154 - which states that if you're currently H3, though fit for Infantry IF YOU'RE IN THE CF AND TRAINED AS SUCH, you won't get in unless you're an H2 because that's THE COMMON ENROLLMENT MEDICAL STANDARD EVERYONE MUST MEET.  Don't confuse minimum trade standards with CEMS, because at the recruiting level, CEMS takes precedence before trade standards.