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Info techs, avionic techs, signal techs


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Information systems techs, avionic techs, signal techs, I've narrowed my career choices down to these, I'm qualified for all but would love to know the pros and cons of the jobs before my final decision and my interview on Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who replies!
Sig Tech and IS tech is under ACISS thread. All 3 trades are so broad in scope without specific questions you'll have to dig to read up on them.
Oh Ok, makes sense was just kind of hoping to speak to people within those trades to just get some general pros and cons of the jobs. Its killing me trying to decide between them all lol with the IST I don't want to get stuck at a desk everyday as I do enjoy some hands on work as well but I have a software development background most recently along with other trades but i'm fine learning something new outside of that working on something other then a computer which is what I like about signal tech which seems to be a mix of both etc., which is also why I wanted to work in ATIS but apparently I was literally 1 point away on the cfat for qualifying, I have my interview on Thursday this week and I've managed to narrow down a list of 20 occupations I'm eligible for to 3 plus ATIS (which I'm not eligible for) but I may make a last push to see if anything can be done to get into it.
It's a futile effort, they won't give you an extra point because you really want it. You'll need to do academic upgrading and rewrite. All of those trades have hands on work involved, however you will have desk postings and won't have much of a choice in the matter. If your heart is set on ATIS, wait and rewrite.
I already have academic upgrading done for math and English and a third level science. At first they over looked my upgrading because the career counselor told me the "numbers weren't right for the courses" but academic upgrading has equivalency numbers on them which slightly differ from the government course numbers in say grade 12 academic math is 3202 but the upgrading course is called 3201A,B,C etc long story short I pushed for the acknowledged upgrading which opened up the IST and Sig tech trades for me lol and would you have desk postings with all those trades? And honestly I think IST would be the easiest transition for me with my most recent education being software dev.