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Introducing the new CF Military Police Patrol Vehicle Decal

Fantastic, they get to drive their shiny toy to the Tims across the 417.

Still useless.
I don’t know why I went from 75% still asleep to laughing out loud at that one, but that brightened up my morning 😅
I really hope somebody decides to refresh the RCMP cruiser look, its been the same since 1994 just like the pistol we carry
I’m sorry, I don’t understand whatever jibberish this is.

You’re telling me you have sidearms manufactured more recently than WW2? 🤔

Nice try man, April Fool’s Day is still a few weeks off…
Ahh but the difference is unlike the the RCMP 's side arm you can still get spare parts that aren't custom made for each pistol.
Ahh but the difference is unlike the the RCMP 's side arm you can still get spare parts that aren't custom made for each pistol.
Last time I got my chunk back from the armoury at Depot they had changed every spring in the damn thing and it was a completely different, infinitely more frustrating pistol to shoot.
Several years ago Borden was considered the busy base for crimes against person- but so many MPs in the guardhouse meant that the experience was quite diluted across them.

Interesting discussion of MP Call Volume.

How many calls would you average in a shift?
Other than some striping and other minor changes, the OPP livery hasn't changed since the mid-'60s.
Well, the OPP probably doesn’t want to remember it, but there was that 20 year flirtation with all white cruisers in the 90’s and 00’s before they went back to the black and whites.

So I had to go look up what exactly Spec 2 would pay out in a year. It blows my mind anybody would join the MP's and do the same job for that little money when the going rate for a civilian Police officer is between 90-100k a year.
They don’t get OT either.

Nice decal. Great advertising for the cars parked in front of Building 7 (I think) idling away, adding green house gases, not doing anything, out in the bucolic country of Carling Campus, where the biggest threat is getting goose shyte on your boots as you cross the secure swamp, to get another double double and Boston cream.

Sounds like they’re in a deterrence / visible presence role there. You could find quite a few Mounties doing the same thing in other parts of Ottawa; basically there in case ‘the bad day’ happens. A bit of obvious, visible, armed security can deter low-rent, yet stupid and dangerous stupid acts that you’ll never know about because the deterrence worked.

I’m not going to claim that MPs are busy in most places. I imagine they have sleepy postings and less sleepy ones. And some stuff - a suicidal person, or a violent domestic - is gonna be risky whether it happens in a suburb, or a PMQ patch. I can’t speak to what NIS is like, though they seem to do real police work.

Some police services are willing to take MPs as lateral (experienced) hires. So, as fashionable as it is to shit on them, there’s an objective reality that the trade faces some competition to retain members. I can see there being an argument to keep pay not-awful enough that you can keep enough of your people. After all, the ones who can get hired laterally may disproportionately be the ones with better performance and more investigative experience.
Actually never mind

The nuance gets lost and it’ll seem like I’m dogging them
The reality is the standard of their initial training is considered equivalent, to the basic standard of police basic training across the country. That’s what the lateral is based on- and that’s a consistency thing. There are lots of munis that don’t have a ton of experience coming off probation.

There is that much competition for recruits across the country that yes- the MPs need something to keep them in. And they fill an important public safety niche