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Jagmeet Singh, probably the biggest political loser?

That doesn’t really matter if they get their policies implemented. Regardless of effectiveness. That’s the point. The NDP have never in recent history been able to do that before.
The policies were never gamed. Sure, they got them passed, but to what effect? They all stand closer to failure than success. So what did they get by holding the country hostage? A lot of money spent and a lot of new gatekeepers and paper shufflers employed. You're giving them credit for making life miserable.
Just a gentle reminder that Army.ca's owner has shared rules re: how to carry out political discussion on the threads.
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Adjectives used to describe a political leader/figure in an attempt to attack their stance/attitudes/actions will not be tolerated (examples below) ...

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  • Donald Trump's latest tweet is absolutely unacceptable because....
  • Kathleen Wynne's doing a great job ...
I know everyone is passionate no matter what side they're backing & fighting for. Still, we can all do better, vigourously discussing actions/initiatives without personal attacks, no matter how frustrated we are at the politician in question, whatever colour jersey they happen to wear.

Milnet.ca Staff
Immigration to the US from Canada isn’t an easy process.

Easiest way is to be married to an American.
Other options are 1) employment, or 2) investment.

1) Employment, you need to have education or specialization in a specific field; Doctor, Nurse, Sports or Entertainment etc

2) If you have 5 million you can invest in a company down here, you can come down and get a Green Card.

5 years as a Permanent Resident (or two if married to an American) you can apply for citizenship.
*you keep Canadian citizenship as well, as I tried to give my Canadian passport to the INS folks at my US naturalization ceremony, and they wouldn’t take it (they took everyone else’s there…)
More likely for climate/weather (as noted above), employment (as noted above), or just because there's some particular piece of Canadian bullsh!t they don't want or need to tolerate anymore (eg. limitations on ownership and use of firearms).

Expression of religion in public spaces isn't turning the US into a "theocracy". "Red" states are essentially very free, particularly compared to such "Blue" bastions as CA and NY, and there are plenty that aren't FL or TX for those for whom those two states are particular bugbears. Frankly, FL and TX (and all of the other southeastern/southern coastal states) are just too damn humid in the summer months.

I grew up in Windsor and attended U of Windsor for my undergraduate before going to Europe for my graduate degree.
Of my wider group of high-school and U of Windsor friends only 3 are left in Windsor
  • a teacher (who's parents were both teachers and he in turned married a teacher)
  • another fellow who's in a salaried position at Ford's in Dearborn, MI who's quite a success story with them, he holds dual US/Citizenship like me and is married to a U of Windsor trained Nurse who straight after graduation was recruited by Beaumont Hospital and has worked her entire career in Detroit. They've only stayed in Windsor and not moved to Grosse Pointe or Novi or Bloomfield Hills MI, because all of their immediate family is still in Windsor and they LOVE the 30%+ increase in their income thanks to a low CDN dollar
  • the last one is a small business owner in Windsor who has also done quite well for herself. She has a cottage in Gaylord MI and a condo in Florida....where do you think she'll be living when she retires.

Now those that left Windsor/Canada all together -
  • a friend who got her BA/MA in Chemical Engineering from Queens and her PhD in that from the Imperial College in London, UK, she worked there for a time before moving to MA where she started up a number of small businesses and sold them off increasing large sums of money. Her latest company received recently a massive amount of research funding from the EPA
  • a husband and wife team who work as Profs at Arizona State U, both got their PhD's from U of Toronto and when they did they applied to a number of CDN U's (including U of T) and they didn't get a single interview between them (doesn't help that they are both of British descent) so they left Canada in 2003 for ASU
  • another friend who started 3 separate restaurants in the Metro Detroit area.
  • another who got his actuarial degree from Western and started with Towers Perrin in Detroit after graduating and after a few years moved to Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
- another who did his BA at U of Waterloo in Mathematics and his MA at Queen's, worked in Toronto for a few years before being recruited by Google around 2002 in California - he's still with Google and without a doubt his a millionaire many time over thanks to 20+yrs of stock options...
  • another who did her BA at Western in Business and then did her MBA at Harvard and was recruited by Molson-Coors in the US, she's now the President of Pershing X, a division of BNY (Bank of New York) Mellon
  • another who's an Orthopedic Surgeon, left Canada after a few years of practicing for Texas and now he's the 'go-to' guy for the Dallas Stars
  • anther who's a GP out in Seattle who left straight after finishing McMaster Med School

They are number of others but you get the point. These are all successful people who left Canada for greener pastures and I'm certain that I can say, none of them left for politics, they all left for much, much better opportunities and the chance to make alot more money and go alot father in their careers than they ever could in Canada.
They are number of others but you get the point. These are all successful people who left Canada for greener pastures and I'm certain that I can say, none of them left for politics, they all left for much, much better opportunities and the chance to make alot more money and go alot father in their careers than they ever could in Canada.
I'll add my niece and her husband who both graduated as architects in Canada several decades ago and couldn't get a job in Canada after getting their degrees. They moved to Santa Barbara, California where both got jobs. They both now live in San Francisco where he has a job.

Politics didn't enter into it. Opportunities did.

Her sister lives and works in Japan. Go figure.

My wife is a U.S. citizen. I mentioned retiring to AZ, not for the politics, but for the heat. She said no dice.
My wife is also a US Citizen and also has no interest at all in ever moving to the US. We’ve been living in Ireland for the last 7 years on the back of my Dutch citizenship (through my dad). She recently applied for Irish citizenship and the current plan is to retire to Spain for a hole bunch of climate and cost of living reasons.

Trudeau Liberals’ immigration policies purposefully altering Canada

Federal cabinet is considering permitting migrants and illegal immigrants currently in Canada to gain permanent residence. This includes:
-migrants without valid documents
-asylum seekers ordered to be deported
-former international students whose study permits have expired

Miller also made headlines this week testifying before a parliamentary committee when he admitted that a criminal background check by police is no longer mandatory for processing temporary workers and international students entering the country.

Canada is on a great path.

Don't watch this, as it will make you vomit.

Did you tell striking Metro workers that your brother and NDP spokesman both lobby for Metro?