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JTF-2/Airborne destined for land north of Trenton?

JayB said:
Aren't men of this position required to live on base? I remember reading in Denis Morriset's book that JTF2 bought them their house because they want all the assaulters' families to be tight knit? Maybe I'm mistaken

You are.  They are no different than any other member and can choose to live where they want (within reasonable limits imposed on all CF members).
JayB said:
I remember reading in Denis Morriset's book that JTF2 bought them their house .....
Gee, one more thing in that book that's complete BS.  ::)
JTF-2 facility “a go,” says MP -  By Ernst Kuglin, Trentonian

Friday, March 22, 2013 12:00:28 EDT PM

QUINTE WEST - Local MP Rick Norlock says there are no plans to rethink moving a secretive commando unit to CFB Trenton despite expected cuts in defence spending.

The feds wrapped up the expropriation process on the remaining properties needed to construct a 400-hectare training facility for Joint Task Force 2 in August, 2012.

Norlock, who sits on the government's parliamentary defence committee, was unable to provide a timeline as to when construction of the massive training facility is expected to begin.

“All indications I have is that the project is a go, but I don't have a definitive date,” said Norlock.

Norlock said the extent of defence department budget cuts won't be known until the budget implementation bill is tabled in the House of Commons.

A national defence spokesperson told QMI Agency in February a design contract for a JTF-2 training campus north of CFB Trenton would be issued “soon.”

But now it appears the government could move the project back.

“I don't know when an RFP for design work will be issued,” said Norlock.

Locally, there had been speculation the project was set to begin in 2014.

more at link

Bumped with the latest on what appears to be the last guy standing ....
Like his legendary forefather, Frank Meyers is not afraid of a good fight. Or a long one. For seven years now, he has been battling the federal government, refusing, at every turn, to part with his beloved family land: 90 hectares of prime soil in Quinte West, Ont., directly north of Canadian Forces Base Trenton. “I’ve lived on this farm for 85 years, worked it all my life, and I don’t know why the government wants to throw us out,” Meyers says, standing near his latest crop of corn. “It’s my heritage. Leave me alone.”

Meyers honestly believed that if he kept refusing to sell, Ottawa would do just that: leave him alone. But the master plan was never in doubt. The Meyers land, and 11 other pieces of property, will soon be transformed into a state-of-the-art, 400-hectare headquarters for Joint Task Force 2, the Canadian military’s elite anti-terrorism squad. And after so many years, so many sleepless nights, it appears Frank Meyers has no choice but to finally surrender. A recent letter from the federal justice department says he must be off the property by Sept. 30 because “demolition crews will be attending the site” on Oct. 1.

“It’s an awful stress on me,” he says, dressed in jeans and a blue shirt. “They’re waiting for me to drop dead. That’s what they want.”

( .... )

Rick Norlock, the local Conservative MP, says he sympathizes with the family. He understands their connection to the land, and why they didn’t want to sell—at any price. But the base expansion, he says, will inject millions of dollars and thousands of jobs into an economically depressed region that desperately needs it. “Nobody is happy in scenarios like this,” Norlock says, sitting in his Cobourg office, a 40-minute drive from the Meyers farm. “Everybody would like the world to remain the way it is for them and for their families forever, but the reality is there is an Air Force base there. There was a decision to expand it. It is good for the area. It is not good for a couple of people.”

( .... )

In fact, Norlock says the government would have expropriated the Meyers land much sooner, had it not been for Stephen Harper. “I was anxious for this to go ahead, and the Prime Minister convinced me that we need to be more conciliatory; we need to try and do this the right way,” he says.

But any patience the Prime Minister had has long expired and, as the final deadline approaches, Frank Meyers doesn’t want to talk about what might happen when the sun rises on Oct. 1. “I have no idea,” he says. “What I do, I’ll never tell, until the day comes.”
We could build a JTF2 complex at Gagetown for half the price and political hassle.
Lightguns said:
We could build a JTF2 complex at Gagetown for half the price and political hassle.

And have it a 12 hour drive away from all of the CF's air lift capability, Canada's largest cities, and the nation's capital? Yeah, Gagetown is a great idea. ::)
Lightguns said:
We could build a JTF2 complex at Gagetown for half the price and political hassle.

For what possible purpose?

Trenton is the major airhead and is also within a very few hours drive of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. Gagetown does not share those characteristics, nor does any other CAF installation, although Kingston and Petawawa come close. Petawawa is also the home of the special operations helicopter squadron; moving JTF2 out of Eastern Ontario would have implications for the squadron's operations and training.
One has to remember the role of JTF-2.  According to Wikipedia, it's a counter-terrorism force.  There may be many shenanigans in the Maritimes, but being located in Ontario has its advantages
Warranting another reply, vice editing the previous one:

Gagetown was built where it is because of the threat of the day.  In the 1950s, Canada was expecting to go back to Europe, once again, this time, to fight the USSR.  As such, it needed space large enough to train a division and close enough to an all weather deep water port to sail that division to Europe.  Gagetown fit that bill.  It's not ideal for a counter terrorist role. 
Lightguns said:
We could build a JTF2 complex at Gagetown for half the price and political hassle.

Good idea. Boreal forest and swamp are Al-Qaeda's next priority target.

Lightguns said:
We could build a JTF2 complex at Gagetown for half the price and political hassle.
We don't normally get posts of that insight.....outside of the Recruiting threads.      :not-again:
Oooops, hit the post button before inserting the  :sarcasm: do-dad.  You guys should lighten up a bit, even if I had meant it in other than sarcasm, the first response was sufficient to drive the point home.
Towards_the_gap said:
That whirring sound we're all hearing is lightguns backpedalling rapidly!!! ;D

It's not a unique occurrence....
Lightguns said:
The iPhone is not my specialty and I live beyond the Internet.
More on "the last man standing" ....
Fighting to keep his family farm, Frank Meyers has enjoyed precious little public support. The federal government has pushed him out. His Member of Parliament wants him gone. Even the local city council (Quinte West, Ont.) passed a unanimous motion endorsing Ottawa’s controversial plan: expropriating his historic land near CFB Trenton to construct a new headquarters for Joint Task Force 2, the Canadian military’s elite Special Forces squad. Minus his family and his faith in the Lord, Frank Meyers has been waging a very lonely battle.

Not anymore.

Seven years after the feds first offered to buy his farm—and 18 months after they took it, his objections be damned—Meyers’s story has suddenly hit a raw nerve with fellow Canadians. Strangers are phoning the house and writing letters. An online petition is collecting signatures (1,095, at last check). And a Facebook campaign (“Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm”) has amassed 3,000 supporters in a little more than a week. “I don’t have no Internet,” says Meyers, now 85 years old. “But I can’t stop people from fighting for me, and I appreciate it. They’ll never know how much I appreciate what they’re doing. I could never repay them.”

Unfortunately for Meyers, all the attention is probably too little, too late. His property already belongs to the federal government, the takeover rubber stamped after an emotional public hearing last year. Only last week—amid news that his lease agreement had expired, and this season’s harvest will be his last—did the story explode on social media ....
Petition here, Facebook page here.
milnews.ca said:
More on "the last man standing" ....Petition here, Facebook page here.

Meh....the fact that people are only now starting to read/hear about this and shed their crocodile social network tears, please.  I tried reading some comments to amuse myself, the ignorance was staggering but not surprising.  Apparently Harper is just one cold hearted bastard, and that previous governments have never expropriated land before.
You should have seen the gong-show over the 407 ETR extension.

This is not the first expropriation, this shall not be the last.

Ultimately, someone loses. These things are so much bigger than one person and their land. They will be fairly compensated.

Heck, even Trudeau expropriated land, to wit: Mirabel International Airport.