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July 2018: 8 Shot in Toronto

Jarnhamar said:
I think this is a wake up call that our border agents need way more resources, money and manpower.

CBSA is hiring and training new officers as fast as they can. But there are staff and infrastructure limitations to their schoolhouse capacity.  CBSA and every other LEA in Canada (and the CAF) are all competing for the same recruit demographic. At least now, with the signing of a new collective agreement, front-line Border Services Officers (not "agents") are being paid competitively to other LEA which may aid in retention.
Updates ...
The police investigation into the Danforth mass shooter who killed two and left 13 others injured last July is now complete, with no links to other individuals identified.

A source tells CP24 that after a lengthy investigation involving searches of his Thorncliffe Park home, a variety of his personal devices and his online history, Toronto police have concluded their probe.

There are reportedly "no surprises" in the findings and Faisal Hussain is believed to have acted alone and deemed to be a "troubled man."

On the night of July 22, Hussain drew a .40 calibre handgun and began firing at people at the corner of Danforth and Logan Avenues.

He continued west along on Danforth Avenue, firing at anyone he could see, eventually killing 10-year-old Juliana Kozis and 18-year-old Reese Fallon.

Witnesses told CP24 that Hussain yelled expletives and said, ‘You’re all going to die’ as he fired at them.

Hussain later turned his gun on himself after a short exchange of gunfire with police officers.

Police Chief Mark Saunders later publicly confirmed the investigation is complete. He suggested the findings of the investigation would be released to the public at some later date.

“I know the public is interested in knowing a lot of things and there are a lot of questions to be answered and we will put that forward. I don’t have a concern with that but we are going to do it properly.”

He said he would prefer to consult with the victims of the incident first before settling on an appropriate time to make the findings public ...
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Victims and families affected by the deadly shooting in Toronto's Danforth neighbourhood last July on Friday called for a Canada-wide ban on private ownership of handguns and assault rifles.

The group of almost a dozen people were at a morning news conference to make their first public remarks since the deadly rampage last July that left two people dead and 13 wounded.

"What happened to us was a tragedy, and we think we could have had better odds had attitudes toward handgun ownership been different before that night," said shooting victim Noor Samiei, who was out with friends celebrating her 18th birthday on the night of the attack.

The group also revealed an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a petition calling for the ban ...
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