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Keg Questions


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This might seem like a bizarre question but I was wondering if any of you on this board have any knowledge in regards to purchasing a keg of beer?

More specifically where you can purchase it, how much it costs, and what is all entailed when it comes to deposit and ordering?

I was given a keg fridge for my birthday from my folks for college but I’m usually a can and bottle guy so this keg thing is a new concept for me. I'm told that it would be cheaper in the long run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  :salute:


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You'll be drinking much more beer so.... fewer dollars for the individual pint BUT, as the keg has a limited shelf life, you will either have to drink a lot more OR buy beer for the boys...

Call or visit the LCBO or brewer's retail.... cause they import / carry kegged beer

Roy Harding

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Ummm ...

Your profile says you're in Calgary.  So, no LCBO or brewer's retail within a thousand km or so.

Check with your local liquor store.

Then again - don't you have better things to worry about than saving a few pennies on a pint of beer?  (Being a student, an all?)

Buying kegs is great for a large party (which is what I assume your parents did for you) - for personal consumption, I can't imagine the need for it - one individual can't drink it fast enough to prevent it from going stale - and if you can, you've got bigger problems than the cost of a pint.