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LAV III Roll-Over, 02 Mar 06, 6 Injuried and 2 Dead

CFL: The info was found using a number of sources and combined for the post.
VonGarvin: No I did not know him - but I am sure your condolences are appreciated all the same.
WRT the Education fund - count me in as well.

RIP Cpl Davis. 

A pleasure to have served with you.

Any word as to the status of the injured?

I appreciate the generosity shown here towards Cpl. Davis' family during what has to be a terrible time. I think it's a good cause - however I would rather not handle anyone else's money in this matter, all I would do is introduce delays and confusion. I understand that donations can be sent the Westoba Credit Union... see CFL's post below.

I was wondering why ASU Londons Flags were Half mast today...


Rest in Peace.
Mike I will do my best to confirm this tomorrow.  Donations CAN be made at any branch in Manitoba.
Phone #s can be found at this site.
That said anyone can pm me my address and send any donations through me if you want.  I will look into the other option as I said earlier and get back to you tomorrow.
muffin said:
VonGarvin: No I did not know him - but I am sure your condolences are appreciated all the same.

You're welcome. :salute:
My son served with Tim and had nothing but good to say about him. He was not only a great leader but a very good friend to all the young men in his section. And please send our condolences to his wife and family, I know she also welcomed a lot of the boys into her home. The guys in A'stan are thinking of her and the children.
Munnsy my sympathy on the loss of Master-Cpl. Timothy Wilson my prayers are with you and the rest of the family.
I just read that too.

- Condolences to the families of the fallen.
Only know a few guys from 2 VP, my thoughts are with the whole unit.

Well done for Wilson's family to make a donation like that.  :salute:

...and I'm stuck at a desk...doesn't seem right.....
Rest easy Soldier your time on watch is done, now go back to the patrol base and get some rest :(

See you when we see you

Pro Patria!
MCpl Wilson was from my hometown, my dad was getting calls at the Legion about the roll-over,
Rest in peace.  :cdn:
our deepest sympathy to the family and friends..........there are no words to express how we feel for each loss suffered..........lest we forget  :salute: :cdn:
Deepest condolences to MCpl Wilson's family and friends. Thoughts for the boys of 2 VP as well

Je Me Souviens
I have sent this letter to the editors at CBC news......
"It was via the army.ca that I read the MSN - Sympatico news release about Cpl.Timothy Wilson's death. It was a more complete report than the cbc posted and I learned that the Wilson family made the final act of selflessness in donating his organs to others. Why would cbc cut this bit of information? You denied Canadians a chance grasp the depth of the sacrifice these people are making. To publicly report this brings into focus the noble generosity of spirit that belongs to many who are a part of our Canadian Military family. The fact that his wife and mother made the decision to donate Timothy's organs is worthy of mention. This was young Timothy's final act of generosity to the world. Canada's heart aches for these young soldiers who are now in harms way on our behalf. We grieve Timothy Wilson's death. Is it possible that I can not depend on the cbc any longer for reliable and complete reportage? The editor has made a mistake on this one and you now have a few days before Timothy is put to rest to address this thoughtless oversight and properly honour his memory."

It is out of respect for this brave young man that I was prompted to send this letter to the CBC. My condolences to the Wilson family. I hope they know about this website.