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Let's get rid of the Beret (or at least tell logistik unicorp theirs suck)

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geo said:
Baseball caps.... I have an aversion towards them - from the days of the green workdress texaco suit with lagoon shirt & ball cap........:p

Worst uniform in the CF ever..."texaco suit" made me laugh though, 'cause its funny AND true.
TN2IC said:
Yeah the wedge has a nice LCF but isn't all cut out. But I had one in my cadet days. Only thing that was good about it, you didn't have to shape it. Just made sure it was on your head correctly.


It does? 

I am just waiting for the winter to come so I can wear mine like that BMX helmet picture thing that someone has up a few pages back... ;D. 
Well, I believe everything of relevance has been said here more than a couple of times. Time to put this one to bed. The caveat clause is in effect.

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