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Liberals furious over Harper's Taliban remarks

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Just don't forget that he was the lowest on the pole for the "B" team....the "A" team wouldn't even consider running ( which I consider a good thing)
To quote an old instructor of mine
"Nice kid. Tries hard. Bottom third."
smitty66 said:
To quote an old instructor of mine
"Nice kid. Tries hard. Bottom third."
I heard it different as.."nice kids, tries hard, food goes here {point to mouth}"
Mr. Campbell, I have to say I agree with your sentiments.

PM Harper does appear to see the CF as a tool and IMHO, that is exactly the difference between this current Conservative gov't and past gov'ts (of both stripes). For the Liberals in the 90's, we were a last resort. The only times we were used were due to pressures from our allies and the UN.

The PM's position appears to be that Canada has a proper place on the world stage and we (the country) will use all of the tools available to us in order to hold (or reattain) that position. The Liberals held that ground from a moral stand point (soft power my butt!!), where the Conservatives attain it from a practical stand point.
ArmyRick said:
My grand pappy once said "In Canada, we don't vote a party into power, we vote them out."

That's the best thing I heard all day! I'll have to remember that. Sounds like he was very wise.
Well, Gimpy, being as you asked...

I have thirty-four years of service and a long memory. I remember the Lieberals before Mulroney, I remember Mulroney, and I remember the Lieberals after Mulroney.

I remember the huge boost to our collective morale when the Mulroney PCs won their first election, the elation, and the rejoicing, at seeing the Lieberals slung out. I remember the heady years of the White Paper. I still think of Perrin Beatty as our best MND in my time in, based largely on chatting with him in the Mess on two of his visits to Lahr in the lead-up period to that. I also remember it's gutting in 1989, and the resulting feeling of disappointment and betrayal.

While I still, almost two decades later, harbour considerable bitterness as a result of that (and the "new" environmental uniforms, and Kim Campbell's disgusting firearms legislation), we were still better off at the end of the Mulroney years than we were at the end of the Chretien/Martin years.

As far as that deficit's concerned, I seem to recall that our national debt was spawned and nurtured in the Trudeau years, and Mulroney inherited it. There were two components to it: the overspending, and the interest payments on the money borrowed to feed that overspending. The Mulroney government managed to bring the former under control, but the latter remained a problem due to the size of the debt and the high interest rates at the time (my mortgage rate back then was twice what it is now).

Paul Martin increased taxes and raided EI and OUR PENSION FUND in order to eliminate the remaining interest portion of the deficit. At the same time, government spending continued to increase - and the worst aspect of that was that untold billions went into asinine black holes like the firearms programme, $1.3B to buy no helicopters, HRDC scandal, and various unaccountable slush funds. In the meantime, the RCMP and CF starved. Recovery will take years.

I am watching this government closely. I am less than completely happy with it, but it is far, far, far better than our last one.

What truly amazes me is that anybody is willing to admit being a Lieberal.
What truly amazes me is that anybody is willing to admit being a Lieberal

No more so than anybody admitted to being a progressive conservative after the 93 election....
Having Denis Coderre show up a at pro-Hezbollah rally in Montreal doesn't help the Liberals' credibility in defence and foreign affair either!
Gimpy said:
I realize 100% that the strong majority of this forum is Conservative, but I am not and I feel a need to protect my party. People here think that the Liberals actually support the Taliban and to honestly think that is absolutely absurd, there is no proof of those claims and it is in no way true.

As for the claim of no support for the CF that's also absurd and there is no proof of such. If you look back at the beginning of the war in Afghanistan the Liberals were the ones responsible for sending the troops over in the first place, so to think they don't care about the troops while actively sending them over is also ridiculous. As for the feeling about the mission I think that the Liberals/NDP make a good point. This mission has no clear objectives, you can't finish a mission that doesn't state clear objectives. Along with Iraq (which is worse than Afghanistan) these wars will not be finished for 20+ years unless they pull out soon. Its like Vietnam, its impossible to win a Guerrilla War unless you resort to authoritarian measures (which won't happen).

Please explain what the 9 years previous to that of Mulroney's government did.

As for what the Liberal government did during those years: A $42 billion deficit was eliminated, 5 budget surpluses in a row, $36 billion in debt payed off, $100 billion in taxes cut over 5 years (largest tax cut in Canadian history), and also comically enough regarding the current situation, more funding for the CF. So while not perfect it was certainly better than the previous conservative government which might explain why it was elected 4 times in a row.

Hopefully none of this is construed as a personal attack on anyone here for their beliefs, I just would like to clear up misconceptions and show that the Liberal party aren't the people they are made up to be here. Also, just to add a little bit of conservative-ish support, the MP of my riding whom I voted for is arguably the most conservative liberal MP. I'll let you guess who that is because it shouldn't be too difficult.

Well for just being introduced to the Political Scene, you seem to have all the answers, especially your knowledge of Military Strategies. IMO, Liberalism started going down hill since they had leaders who,

1.  Ruled with a big Stick (regardless of Public Opinion or concern).

2.  Talked out of the Corner of his Mouth (and not from any psychical affliction)

3.  Who couldn't talk at all (wether he knew anything or not).

4.  And one who is talking or blowing in the wind (that's if the Wind doesn't blow him away first).

Admittedly and Sadly enough, its taken me 50 years to figure this out, I wish you better luck.
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