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Hi everyone, I am currently taking my QL3 course for stoker and in week 3.  I am a new recruit in since Nov 2010 and have finished my BMQ last April 2011.

my question.

I have heard the gov't is shopping around for a tender for the METTP program for 2012/2013 year and I want to apply for that.  However my COC can't seem to find any information that allows me to apply for it let alone tell me if it is still offered or when (or if) it starts and where.  I heard through the grapevine that the last graduates from NFL were 2010, but have yet to see any classes offered at memorial university for the next school year.

anybody have any inside info they can shed some light with?  I have also started my sub screening and tentatively qualifyed for BSQ January 2012.  should be heading out east come december, but any information that can be had is helpful

thanks everyone

Word of advice:
Don't come here. Your Chain of Command does indeed have the info you seek. Ask one more time. If that doesn't work, PM me.