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Medical Appeal


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Hi everyone, so my story goes like this, I applied for Regular force back in 2019. I went through aptitude testing, did the force eval, did the medical, only to be deemed unfit for asthma that I didn't have at all in my life, I was misdiagnosed my doctor for a cold I had. He retired, I re applied again in 2023, i asked for an appeal decision , and was sent for the lung function test and pulmonary function test with negative results showing no sign of asthma to prove I don't have it. My question is how long will It take for a decision from the RMO to decide I'm good to go? I've also sent emails of my results and my new doctors letter to support my appeal for a decision. Fingers crossed! Cause I'm anxious to sign up and do my part.
It could take 3 weeks, it could take 6 months or more. The file are reviewed in the order received. The RMO cell is a very small cell. They could also turnaround and ask for more or different testing. Your patience is appreciated.
Its been 3 months since ive sent my info to RMO, hopefully soon! But that just means more time for more training haha thanks for the info I really appreciate it