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More training nights

freedom fighter

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Should there be more training nights during the week for cadets?
Your thoughts on this subject would be great.
I love cadets and if there were more I'd certainly go to them, but officers and cadets have lives outside of the CCM.
I guess I have to agree with you. Having cadets too many times a week could interfere with people's busy schedules.
I don't know about you guys, but I already commit at least 1 evening and one full day a week to cadets. Sometimes I'm there 2 full days and a evening. This year I missed around 8 hockey games (out of a season of around 30 games) and around 4 practices because I was at cadets. Sure I would love more cadets, but to which point do I want it completely taking over my schedule? Believe me if I could, I would be there when ever I have free time as long as it does not impede on my other activities (not a lot of them).
I also think that it would impede peoples schedules.But I would go if they had one or two more training nights.
My unit at one point had up to 3 nights and 2 days of training a week at the very peak of the year.

Thursday - Parade night (Regular dress) [mandatory]
Wednesday - Band/Shooting team practice (Shooting team - Combats, Band - Civvies)
Tuesday - Drill team/NSCE

Saturday - Supplimental Training (Drill, PT, Shooting/Band, Drill. In that order.; Civvies/Combats [Sr NCOs + Shooting team]) [mandatory]
Sunday - NSCE / NCO Development (Civvies) [NSCE/Sr. NCO's]

So we were quite busy sometimes. This would only last a month or so, usuially we had 2 weeknights plus saturday. And only about 1/2 to 2/3 of the unit was there for one of the weeknights. BTW, we had 2 shooting teams, a full Pipes and Drums program, and our own smallbore ranges. (By the time I was out, only pellet rifles of course.  :()

We had it good...  ;D

some cadet corps have numerouse different training nights for different parts of the corps such as the band, drill team, shooting team etc.  One corps (I cant remember which) that my friend used to belong to, used to have training nights for different sports teams on different days.
more night?

There is the mandatory traning 1night per week, often, music or shooting occurs on a other night, one night is often schedule for officer meeting.

And you want more?

As a few others have stated, most Cadet Corps have their mandatory training night each week plus one or two set aside for optional activities.  FTX and citizenship activities are on top of that!  Maybe instead of adding more nights we should think about how to make the training nights we already have more efficient and effective.
Band master is right!

thaht would be a better suggestion!
i like the idea of more nights but personally i dont think it should happen, as others have stated their are many other days that squadrons have activities, adding another day might drive more people off, someone could be looking at a squadron and say "man  thats to many days a week to give up." people have lives outside of cadets, and while i am not one of them ;D i do still consider them. Many of my cadets play rugby, heck half my squadron plays rugby, and if we were to impliment another day ontop of what we have we could lose half our squadron. Really thats the only problem with it, and really how may regular cadets who join on for a little fun want to give up other things that bring them pleasure for cadets.
freedom fighter said:
Should there be more training nights during the week for cadets?
Your thoughts on this subject would be great.
So are you talking about regular classes or optional training?
Personally, during the week my corp has enough nights, and that's three. One night of parade/regular classes, one night of Guard/Band practice, and one night where we can come and work on...anything.
Then there's the weekend, and unless there's a training exercise scheduled we have Range.

Which all reminds me, I gotta put together a weekend for my Guard to do some training...
As Bandmaster stated , having higher quality training nights would be better.Our squadron has an optional period every night where we work on whatever needs improvement.
From the staff point of view I can tell you that it can be tough to add extra nights and training days to the schedule.  There is already a lot of training planned for each unit.  Extra nights are good as long as you can involve as many cadets as possible.  Staff needs to be onside and help out.  Without a common goal, the group will go nowhere no matter how many nights you have.

Cheers!!!  :cdn:

the army guy  :warstory:
Cdt/Cpl.Hewitt said:
As Bandmaster stated , having higher quality training nights would be better.Our squadron has an optional period every night where we work on whatever needs improvement.

I'm an officer with sea cadets and I recently worked with an air cadet squadron, I really don't know how you manage to fit an optional period into every night.  The training schedule is packed as it is.  Your squadron must be missing some important performance checks.
We have always had an optional period for the 3 years I have been in cadets.Our squadron has no trouble with it.
But we only parade 25 people on an average parade night.Things vary from squadron to squadron though.
Geez, I can remember my Corps had the following teams we would send to annual Regional competitions;

Drill With Arms
Drill Without Arms
Class B Band (Drum & Bugle)
Rifle Team - .22 cal.
Rifle Team - Air Rifle
First Aid

Now, this is quite a few teams, and each team had (usually) one officer and one CI.  Each team had practice one night a week + the regular training night & Corps activities. ie; Training ex's, week-ends on board etc. etc.  I think we had about 6 or 7 uniformed CIC Officer's and another 4 or 5 CI's.  All these activities required them to devote significant chunks of their time to the cadet programme and their tireless efforts are appreciated......... I'm sure another mandatory training night is not something they need in their schedule.
I completely agree with reccecrewman. Many of the officers put in a lot of extra time that us cadets never see I can remember one night when I drove by my Cadet Corps to go get dinner and our XO was already there over an hour before any of the other officers were expected to be there. I also remember how when I was working while going to school it was hard to make the mandatory training times and the weekends finish homework, and then have a part time job while on sports teams. My corps has already been discussed by Lerch and I think that this was one of the best ways for the extras to be worked in Thursday night meant that anyone who wished to come down and help out in anyway from cleaning, practicing drill, or just getting ready for a test which was coming up. Then the Drill and Band were separate night allowing anyone who wished to be a member or one of the two to come out and train with others.
Looking back on it I can remember the times I wished we could have more Cadet nights but now I can see they were well planned, and well executed allowing the corps to make the most of th time which was available which is the best of both worlds in my mind.


I would love more training nights! I'm hoping that my squadron (807) will have more. Thats just my thoughts though and don't think that a lot of people from my squadron will agree.