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Next BIOC or NCGAS for Navy Int reserve


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Is anyone knows if there is is BIOC or NCGAS or both next winter or next summer, and if so do yuo have the date ?

There is an NCAGS starting Jan 17. Course sollicitation msg is not out yet.

Next BIOC will likely be next summer, but that will fall in Trg Year 2011-2012 and that is not out yet.
Currently it looks something like this (subject to change of course):

Distance Learning: (Mod 1)
118021 30 Nov 10 - 09 Dec 10
118021 1 Dec 10 - 09 Dec 10

Core & Environmental: (Mods 2 and 3)

1180XX 11 Jan 11 - 12 May 11
118022 25 May 11 - 19 Nov 11 (Block Leave 05 Aug 11 - 12 Sept 11)
1180XX 10 Jan 12 - 13 May 12
The dates posted by George are for RegF courses in Kingston, the dates should still stand for Reserve courses at CFFS(Q).
Bplante said:
Any chance for ResF navy Int officer to go on regF course ?

This is just a guess, but even though there is only one TP (Both Reserve and Regular Force take the same course) the backlog in Reg Force officers awaiting BIOC is so large that the chances are probably very slim.  This also indicates that the Instructional Staff will likely be very selective whom they graduate.
Hem, it`s more the other way around, i.e. RegF go on the Reserve one. George is right: the wait is LONG in Kingston. So long, trade`s closed. As a reservist, truth is, you'll get qualified much faster.