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November 2009 BMQ

Well, I started this thread and it's been awhile since I've come back to check on it - nice to see so many replies!  I'm getting pretty anxious to start BMQ now that it's only about three weeks away - a little over two weeks for my swearing in. ;)

I was looking at my application process and for those of you that are asking, I thought I'd detail the timeline for me (dealing with the Victoria, BC, recruiting centre).  I'd also like to note that I initially applied for MARS CEOTP as my primary, with NAV COMM as my secondary.

- 09/Jul/2009 - Submitted initial application online.
- 10/Aug/2009 - Attended Victoria recruiting centre for aptitude & medical tests and was pleasantly surprised to get my interview, as well.  The results of my aptitude test allowed me to apply for any position I wanted in the CF, but due to being unemployed for several months and the expected wait for BMOQ for MARS, I switched my primary to NAV COMM.
- 24/Sep/2009 - After a lot of phone calls to "my" recruiter (he was great and very helpful, actually), I finally got my official job offer on the phone.  There were some mix-ups after my interview and the processing of my application, partly due to the fact that I'd switched from an officer trade to NCM.  Then, during personnel selection, somebody forgot to include my service number with my application so personnel sat on my file without doing anything lol.
- 7/Nov/2009 - Tentatively will be scheduled to fly out of Comox Airport to St. Jean.

So, all in all, it has been a rewarding but hair-pulling experience... Since my initial application, I've contemplated my reasons for joining the CF many times and am absolutely certain about my decision.  I'm excited, elated, and a little freaked out LOL but really looking forward to the basic training "experience".

Good luck to all of you and hope to see some of you in St. Jean!!
YEAH i got my offer today i have to be at my BMQ for the 30 of Nov my choice is amour ed soldier. anyone else starting there BMQ the 30 of Nov.
Becky K said:
I'm swearing in on Nov. 3rd in North Bay (anyone else going there?), and BMQ starts on the 23rd.  I'm going in for armoured...took me about 6 months for the whole process.

I am also going armoured. Got hired as a Crewman, We will probably end up in Battle School together
RobinsonM said:
I am also going armoured. Got hired as a Crewman, We will probably end up in Battle School together

are you going in the 30 of november in St-jean
I also have been coasting on this site since I sent my application in. I applied in the beginning of July and finally received my offer for Vehicle Tech. BMQ starts Nov. 9 through until March 5.

Wish it the time would pass already, but at the same time, it gives me a little bit more time to get a little more in shape. Round is a shape, right?

For everyone going to November 30th BMQ theres a groupe on facebook called (BMQ November 30th 09) Its a good way to meet people before BMQ starts
RobinsonM said:
Does anybody have a 23rd of November Facebook group?

I have decided to make a 23 November Face Book group. So if you want to join simply search BMQ November 23rd 09
coming out of the woodwork now.
Got my job offer yesterday :) Going NAVCOMM
Getting sworn in November 10th in Kitchener and heading to BMQ Nov.23rd..can't wait!
got my offer a few weeks ago :). i get sworn in on the 5th and start on the 16th. only another month can't wait !!
Hey Guys and Gals!
I was wondering if anyone was told about their pass or fail on the MPAC for the serial on October 6-8. Also, if any MP applicants have been merit listed from that date.

Good luck to all!  :salute:
Got my offer today start BMQ on the 23rd Whoooo!
Joined the facebook group aswell.
Got my call on Oct. 15th. I swear in at Barrie on Nov. 5th. And then fly out of Toronto on Nov. 15th for a Nov. 16th BMQ start. Joining as LCIS Tech. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
AWW DUDE! this sucks! lol i've been talking to ppl about nov 23rd BMQ (thats when i start) and there has been no one that i have met that is in artillery.....TT_TT, am i the ONLY one? LOL
Seabound said:
I literally got the call minutes ago. I get sworn in on Nov. 5th and my BMQ starts Nov. 23rd can't wait really excited. My trade will be MAR ENG MEC.

Swear in on the 5th too! here in K-Town Ontario... starting basic on the 23rd as well... Sonar Ops Trade. see ya there SeaBound.
I am so excited right now!!!
Got my call today!
Swearing in November 4th at CFRC Toronto, and heading to St. Jean by plane on Novmeber 22 to start on November 23. My trade is MP, and element (not that matters) is Land :)

Anyone else going then? I am still in shock I think! Better work on my push ups lol

Ciao for now all!  :salute:
Sudo my basic training starts the 9th as well, so, i'll probablly see you there. Feel free anyone starting the 9th as well to pm me.
Hey guys,  first post here. but I've been lurking for months as my app was processed. Will be starting my BMQ on the 23rd so i'll see everyone there.

Also want to thank all the people that have posted up great information here, it's been really useful, I've found an answer to just about all my questions.

We have any other SigOps starting on the 23rd?