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Online Computer games[Actually All Things Gaming]

Battlefield 2, by far is the greatest.  I am actually addicted and not looking too forward to returning to work after leave ends on Friday.
ye Battlefield 2 is really good too. Except 1 thing they took out that they had in Battlefield: desert combat was the option of adding bots on multiplayer, which kinda sucks now. Althought the single player mode has improved alot since the first one
ThatsLife said:
Well guys, it turns out there IS a Canadian military game out. I was amazed of what a couple of hours watching the history channel and a few website clicks can give you.


go to that website and check it out. You won't be disappointed   :)

have fun

I purchased said game oon line and installed it hoping for an excellent product...

What i received for my money was:
A game that boasted very dated graphics and an equally dated and clunky interface....
Poor to very poor unit skins,with little attention to detail, some of the sailors in the first scenario appear to be wearing US Navy Caps...
Sailors responding to your commands by shouting "Sir yes Sir" and other aAmericanisms..

Simplistic scenarios....little depth or The scenarios are simplistic with none of the excellence you expect from the history channel

All in all I felt that the game was ddecidedlylack-lustre and quite questionable in regards to authenticity...
The HistoryChannel (and Myself) got fleeced......

I used to play CoD:UO but I soon figured out that using a 56k and trying to play online with that game is near impossible. I also played Americas Army up until the newest version came out and because of the whole 56k thing I can't download it, and so I'll wait for the next version then order it. So now I play Ghost Recon on my X-Box.
Check this out

I'm into coy of heros right now good game.Also FEAR,brothers in arms is decent. BF2 is alright it could be better, too bad there is not going to be a COD3 for the PC that game by far is the best FPS. ;D
I'm a Ghost Recon 2 fan myself. I was a HUGE HALO fanboy. But after the HALO 2 debacle I kinda got out of it. In retrospect I always liked the tom Clancy games. R6, GR, and I kinda played that spy game with Sam Fisher. Can't think of the name though.
well, the online economy does interest more and more people...


US Congress steps into cyberspace