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Past PERs for Retired Members


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Good Day all,

I'm a recently released NCS ENG. I've been out now for two years and am currently preparing an application file for a new career path. To put a competitive file together, I thought to add all my past PERs, however I've come to realize I am missing some of them.

I've recently submitted a ATIP request through the new online site, and contacted the release section for my pers file, but I'm wondering if any other released members have had experience accessing their PERs by any other means?


I applied for my past PER's several years ago. Not only did I get my past PER's, I also received - without asking - my complete medical file, and another large file containing "general" paperwork, including several old cadet summer camp applications from the 1970's, and all my recruiting paperwork.....which were a blast to read :) You shouldn't have any problem getting what you asked for.