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Personal reference interview was canceled on short notice?


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I have completed my CFAT, medical, and interview. I am relatively confident all three of them went well. I have since spoken this weekend with one of my personal references on file and it came up that the CF canceled a scheduled telephone interview regarding my application. I plan on calling to inquire when my local recruiting centre opens tomorrow— however, before I call I would like to know if this is typical or if is it generally cause for concern.

Thanks in advance
In the words of Douglas Adams, "don't panic!".

There is a plethora of reasons why the interview was cancelled, many of which relate have no nexus to your file.
  • Death or illness in the interviewer's family;
  • Change of assigned priorities;
  • File passed to someone new who needs to read up first; or
  • Investigation determining an interview is no longer required are but a few examples.

    Give it a few days before calling.​
Hi, if I may ask, How long did it take you to go from CFAT to interview?