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PLA troops building camps @ CFB Cold Lake (allegedly?)


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Does anyone remember the Liberal attack ads against Harper in 2006 election (I think if I remember correctly) where the voice over complains that "Harper wants to put machine guns...in Canadian cities!"

Oh my, all any city has to do is head down to the nearest armoury for "assault" rifles (I get a kick out of that term), Machine guns, grenade launchers, oh my! How scary.

Canadians are truly sheltered from the real world.

Wikipedia describes the ad well . . . (all the emphasis is mine)

"Soldiers" ad[edit]​

By far the most controversial ad was the following: "Stephen Harper actually announced he wants to increase military presence in our cities. Canadian cities. Soldiers with guns. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up."

This ad was never aired on television. It appeared on the Liberal Party of Canada's website, before being widely replayed on the news media. This drew widespread criticism from commentators that the Liberals were scaremongering, and seemingly suggesting that the Conservatives wanted to use the military against Canadian civilians. The ad was then pulled from the website.[1]

It was the Liberal 2006 version of the Progressive Conservative's 1993 anti-Chretien ads that emphasized his Bell's Palsy (but not reaching the countereffect of 1993). A Hail Mary pass that didn't reach the target and actually kicked back into own territory. Both negative ads never really got out of past the party gates, but once the media got wind of them, the backlash from commentators quickly led everyone to the conclusion of bad idea.


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Fun fact: it was John Tory who came up with the Bell's Palsy attack ad.