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POLL: Pierre Trudeau is the #1 worst Canadian?

That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I can understand that some dislike him, with perhaps ample reason, but worst Canadian ever? Please.
I'd think Bernardo should be sitting higher on the list than any Trudeau.
Agreed.  That poll is retarded.  It wasn't done scientifically to begin with.  In fact the number two guy is some no name punk band leader that the locals in winnipeg tried to throw in there for fun.  ::)

I don't really like Celine Dion but why would she even be on that list?
"Just watch me?"

the Salmon Arm Salute, the pirouette, the starvation of the Canadian Forces, the rabid anti-Americanism, the dictatorship of the dopey old men of the courts (the gang most famous for the "women are NOT people" decision), the restart of Lord Durham's "civilizing of the French" strategy, ...

We watched, and now its  "Game Over, You Lose".

... even as the Beaver editorial board prefer to call John A. MacDonald the Worst Canadian.  It seems there are still a few people still on the epic Trudeau Tenure program.

. . . and maybe that guy who helped build Saddam's super cannon.
MCG said:
. . . and maybe that guy who helped build Saddam's super cannon.

Gerald Bull....the guy was apparently a genius in his field...he probably wouldn't have gone to work for Saddam if he had gotten some support from our government and DND....he did a hell of a job improveing the South Africans' artillery....could have been ours instead.
Dont forget leaving his legacy behind in the form of Jean Cretien, (and if anyone read Jack Granastien's book the sole attempted assasin of the CF)

The book "Who Killed The Canadian Military"

As a kid growing up in the 1960's when PET came to Regina in 1968, the local women seemed almost in a trans with him, screaming in such a panic like he was the 5th Beatle  ::) . My older sister came home screaming that she actually touched him in a public appearance downtown. Hummmm  Trudeaumania was born. all that fuddleduddle, and the rest of it. Then there was his Maggie in her Studio 54 days. Need I say more.

As a PM I found him not too appetising to say the least, and with his political views, his refusal to fight for his country in WWII for example, gave him a very bad taste in most veterans mouths. Then there was the destruction of our military forces.

I don't know if he is/was the worst Canuck, but he ranks in the top few in my books, and in the political catagory, he would be even worse than Joe Who?

BTW, what ever happened to Joe Who anyways?


Probably not the worst Canadian, but nice to see people stop posthumously blowing him.  Hopefully that mountain was not renamed.  ::)
Now Taliban Jack.  That is one piss poor Canadian. 
Taliban Jack, he is too is a shocker, but politically he is a fart in a Saskatchewan wind storm.

Too many others out there who were and are far worse.  Even if you stick to just politicians there are a lot more out with with dirty hands.

Worst Canadian ever?  No.

Worst PM in living memory?  By far.  Maybe the worst PM ever.
Worst PM maybe, but not worst Canadian. Paul Bernardo or Conrad Black should be more eligible.
Paul Bernardo was a sick puppy but his effect on the nation was negligible, non-existent even.

Conrad Black is NOT a Canadian.  By his own request he gave up his Canadian citizenship, good riddance.

As far as negative effect on Canada, reducing the nation from a true middle power and a nation that did indeed punch above it's weight on the world stage, the NEP and the rest of his socialist schemes True-dope gets my vote hands down
Trudeau a bad Canadain no. He was a great poltican,a good Peacetime PM. He simply did not see the need for the Canadain Forces, which in my humble view was his greatest failing. He used the Military (ie The War Measures Act 1970) for his own needs while Running down the Military. The manpower cuts fo the early 1970s. The loss of HMCS Bonaventure, the cut backs to 4 Brigade in Germany as well as the Air Division in NATO, while cutting Air defence resources in North America. He simply did what most Canadains would have wanted done anyhow in the 1970s. He tried in the early 1980s in small does with New Leapord tanks, Armoued vechiles, the F-18 ,and  New figates for the Navy. He certainley left his mark on the Country and the Forces. As to good or bad I would say its a draw. However what Paul hellyer :evil: did to the Canadain forces....a whole other story
MCG said:
I'd think Bernardo should be sitting higher on the list than any Trudeau.

That was the very name that came to my mind as well.

Well, any murderer or rapist, really.