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Poor IT support hurting Canadian military operations, internal review finds

Is this a surprise to anyone?

OTTAWA -- An internal Defence Department report has warned that Canadian Armed Forces operations and security may be at risk due to major problems with how the military's computer networks are built and supported.

The report follows a review of the Defence Department's information management and technology systems, which are described as "critical" to the success of Canadian military operations and training.

That review uncovered a patchwork of IT systems across the Defence Department and Armed Forces that was not only inefficient and expensive to maintain, but also often out-of-date and poorly supported.

Nope. Our IT section has (so far) escaped the repeated attempts by SSC to assimilate them. They perform miracles on a daily basis, keeping us in business. Anything issue that has to go to SSC has a turn around time that measures in months to years to not in the remaining life of the universe.
SSC is "ticket generating machine" They measure success in how many tickets are closed. Not on the outcomes
I can't count the number of times a week I can't access something for work either because the internet is down, Dwan is down or someone moved a resource but the link wasn't updated. A few weeks before Christmas all non essential personnel were sent home for the afternoon because the network was down and no one could get any work done. If RBC's network was this bad, everyone from the CIO down would be fired and replaced.

My personal favorite is when I can't use military or government of Canada resources because our network blocks them.
“Your ticket has been closed because it’s too old”. I reply to that sucker and point out that my issue is in fact not resolved because nothing has been done.