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Since I am a Muslim, I am required to pray 5 times a day at different times. Will I have enough time to do them during BMQ?
Unfortunately I don't think so, but that is something you can bring up to your course staff...
Echoing what NFLD Sapper said:

It would depend entirely on how flexible your time requirement is (and I'll fully admit my ignorance in this regard).  If your requirement for prayer is at set times that conflict with the training requirement - probably not.  If you have the ability to be flexible, most course staff will make a reasonable effort to accomidate your religious requirements. 

That being said, "reasonable" is different from person to person - Christian members were not able to disappear from field training to goto mass on sundays, for example.

In short - the military will attempt to accomidate if it can, but will expect you to put the military need first.  The same expectation usually fits for every other aspect of your personal life as well (laughs).
Perhaps during training you will have to be flexible, once you are trained and working, you will find the flexibility you need.  I know a few Muslim officers and members, you will be fine.  See if a local Muslim member can help you out.  Good luck and happy times.
I'm a muslim currently on course. The course staff is reasonably accommodating when possible but Ayrsayle is right the military need comes first. Although it only takes 5 minutes to pray, you cant expect to leave a lecture half way or skip out of drill to pray. During the course you are always under a time constraint. In order to take the extra 5 minutes to pray, you must work faster than everyone else around you and shave time off other tasks. No smoke breaks or long showers. I have no problem making time for the morning and the nightly prayers but i usually miss the 3 day time ones. You do get breaks during the day for few minutes here and there so you might be able to do better than me.
As Ajp said, once the training is done and you are working it will likely get easier to make all 5. I know someone who was on a tour to afghanistan and was able to maintain prayers for the most part so you should be fine.
Good luck.
Which basic are u on? I have a similar concern..but i will be going for naval reserve bmoq.
Let's make things simple.  If the CF now "openly" advertises it on their website, then I guess they must have respect for it and support it!


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