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Ptes attending PLQ


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I don't think its a sink or swim mentality now as the course is designed to disseminate the info, and for the candidate to pass if he can comprehend the information.Pte/tpr's on PLQ is by far not a new idea and is in my opinion a good idea to a degree.

If the pte displays good initiative,job knowledge and leadership,should he be put ahead of guys in the trade for a while? sure.If he is ahead of these people in these fields there is no reason not to send him.

Does this piss people off? for sure.People look at these guys as lower in the food chain,and not deserving.If these pte's can't control their new power afterwards then they should be stopped in their tracks (i.e fighting in messes etc due to basically abusing their powers)

Fast tracking members also keep keen soldiers interested in the trade they are in, once they realise they are not going to be "fry guy" forever.It will also promote young guys striving for higher levels in themselves once they see guys around them getting rewarded for good work.

On a closing note I don't believe they should be sent just due to the unit having no one else to send.That bugs me.Nothing worse than a keen Pte in one company getting nothing cause their platoon sent their quota and the shitty cpl in another getting on because his company has no one else left...and it happens! you all know.