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Purple Trade Question - Sup Tech


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There may be threads on this, but the only ones I’ve found are from the early 2000’s, and things have definitely changed since then. Please excuse me.

I am a fresh out of basic (2 weeks ago) ARMY supply tech now in Borden awaiting my QL3 in January.
My question is:

1. Since I am a purple trade and haven’t even started my course yet, am I able to switch my element from ARMY to AIRFORCE easily? I am a purple trade, I would like to remain a supply technician. Why would it be a nuisance to simply switch my uniform? I have been told by other Ptes here that is has in fact been done by people right out of basic training. How would I go about this, and does anyone have information about how to write a memo for this? (Specific references)?

I originally wanted airforce and didn’t think it would be a problem to switch later considering I’d be doing the exact same job (what a stupid civvie I was). Honestly, the reasons are because I do in fact like the uniform better, and because my grandfather who served in WW2 was an airforce supply tech and I would like to reflect on his career (which would make me even more proud to wear the uniform everyday - which would increase morale) :)

Thank you in advance.

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AFAIK, you need to write a memo stating your request with points supporting it.

It is somewhat of a big deal, as there are staffing numbers. For medics they told us they need to be at :
army 60%
Air    20%
Navy 20%

Plus they have to switch out all your uniforms, some of which cannot be returned and must be destroyed or written off.

You won't get it unless you ask. But it's a long process if you do. Don't expect this to be approved before xmas.