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Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread


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Just a quick question...how many pushups are/were you able to do at your physical? I have my hands underneath my shoulders, about 6-7 inches apart, and am able to do 27....for the past 2 months. Just wondering what you people were able to do, and if you could offer any tips.

I stopped after 22. Probably could have done 25 if I really tried, but pushups come hard for me.

One tip -- make sure you go all the way down. They‘re strict about that.
I did 30 just last week in the Toronto recruiting center. Normaly I would do 40+ with my hands (thumbs pointing inward) 6" apart. However he made me put my hands so close together that my thumbs could almost touch (no more than 2" inches apart).

It felt very uncomfortable and unnatural. Also he made me touch my chin to the floor. He told me that 30-40 was a "good number" for infantry candidates. So my only advice would be, to keep working at it, do as many as you possibly can, and maybe practice doing them with you hands a little closer together.
I thought we were supposed to do as many pushups as possible in the physical. When I had mine, everyone was automatically stopped at 20.
i can do 10 in under 20 sec, but i usually take short 2 sec breaks where i shake my arms out and by doing that i can continue (doing so i have done up to 100, but this doesnt really count) so i can do about 10 (lol) i will get back to you when i figure out how many i can :)
i did 40 at mine. funny thing about pushups is you feel like you can do them forever. but then u die.
The key to push ups is not to stop, If you do than the lactic acid builds up, muscles tyre and you are done for. Get a steady pace and try your hardest to keep going. The best way to increase your level is to try every day to better the last and keep pushing.
I applied for vehicle tech. for reserves, but even other people who applied for infantry reserves and reg force(not sure what trade) were also stopped at 20 as well.
This evening, my tester stopped me at the minimum for my age & application type, which was 19 pushups -- but I kept going. "One for the Line Trade... one for the Queen..."

He seemed briefly irritated, then he cracked a little smile.

He was hesitant about stopping me on the sit-ups... and did-so only at the one minute mark.

For anyone who is nervous, it‘s natural. I‘m in pretty good shape @ 32 and I was nervous. I was so pumped after I was finished everything in 20 minutes -- returned home, barbecued 2 steaks with potato, onion, and mushrooms.

That not-eating-four-hours-before-the-test stipulation only made me more hungry.

BTW, are these people former PERI staff, or what? I bailed before remembering to ask my tester. I can‘t figure why that trade was discontinued. They left... the BMI standard was obliterated... then all these doughnut-disposal-units started appearing in massive, tarp-like OD uniforms, laces-a-hanging, berets way back on their melons like some arty french tam...

No offence to the obese, or those considering obesity. Or those with acutely advancing foreheads.

Laugh with me people.

Cheers! :army:
my friend and i are both going PRes infantry, and both got stopped at 20 for both the pushups and situps. For me, the person testing me was not employed by the CF, so doubt they wanted to waste time watching me do more than I needed to.
Reps to failure @ close hand placement: 24
Reps to failure @ shoulder width hand placement : 32

(Mine were done with hands @ shoulder width.)

Reps in 60 sec: 36

EDIT: Need a little triceps work, St. Onge...
I‘m pretty lightly built, not exactly top-heavy, more of a runner after all. I can only do 30 with the hands close and 40 with the hands farther away, gym class pushups as opposed to military style. Pushups are definatly something that i need to work on.
I did 42 PUs on my test. Just got there before
the time finished.

At the gym, I found the inclined bench press, standard bench press, and the shoulder bench press (two to three times a week) helpful in building the strength quickly. One evening a week I did sets of inclined push-ups using the side of a bath-tub to better the technique and train speed.

I‘m going ATIS and wasn‘t asked to do close-in hand PUs during the test. Just the standard shoulder width.
I was stopped at 21, It was weird cuz whenever i tried practicing pushups I dont do very well I get to like 4 then cant do anymore, I have the strength its just push-ups I find hard, If anyone has any tips on how to do pushups id like to hear , when i took the test she told me its easier if you do them as fast as you can and dont stop
There was no time limit on my pushups when I did them. The lady just let me do as many as I could: 40.
For the situps, I had 1 minute and I completed 44.
For me, push-ups had never been a problem. However, a week before my PT test, I got nailed twice by a puck (I‘m a goalie). I thought I was done for, got physio, and what not, still had a bruised bone, tendon, muscle. Went for the test, all worried, hadn‘t done any pushups since the injury worrying that I‘d damage it. Went all out, pain and all and got 29 done. Not my personal best, but it was good enough for the test.

All in all, the PT wasn‘t too much to worry about, although for me, being nervous boosts my energy level.

On sit ups I got somethin around 45,46.