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Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread

when you are doing your pushup make sure you have your hand partly under your shoulders or they don‘t count. :(
I did 45 on my physical, there was few females in the room so I kinda stopped after that because I was starting to shake and look all funny. I did my physical at the center in Toronto. The trade i‘m getting into is infantry.
u guys are great....

The best one... for me is 10 push-ups.. for ladies. I keep trying to do it everyday, but somehow, it remains the same... and I try to do chin up, but I can‘t it is so hard for me... and I will keep try before I take the PT.
to do your push ups better, try different variations. Try doing them on an angle pushing off of a couter top then once you feel comfortable at that angle, try something a little flatter.
Yot, I had the same problem. Got stuck at a certain level and no matter what I did, I couldn‘t get past it. This is just my experience,
I went to a club and started doing bench press variations (bench press, inclined bench press, and shoulder press) as well as tricep sets 3 times a week. Pumping the iron got me over the plateau.
Pumping iron is the best thing you can do to build up our muscels to give you that extra in your workouts. ****, now that I think of it, I should go pump some iron tonight, I havn‘t done it for a week or so.
Hello everybody, my name is Cathy and I‘m new to the board. I‘m applying to ROTP for the last 2 years of my Nursing Degree (BScN). All the paperwork is in.

My PT test and CFAT is scheduled for March 30- I put this off deliberately because my fitness level was not the greatest. I have been working out hard since January, and even consulted a PSP guy from CFB Borden who did personal training on the side.

I unofficially passed the Grip, 20M shuttle run (although will be doing the Step Test at CFRS Barrie)and situp parts of the test (all easy). The problem was I couldn‘t do a single pushup (and as a 26 year old female I need 9). I have been working hard on this, and can now at least do 9 from the knees.

My questions are- how picky were the (I‘m assuming PSP folks) who did the pushup test? Did anyone get to do them from the knees? Did they use the same standards for everyone?

I‘m not sure what chances I have of getting accepted if I can‘t do the pushup thing properly (by March 30) I know I will have to do tons of them during BOT. In the meantime I‘m just going to keep working to develop strength.

I had my PT test last week, and they were really picky about the pushups, your hands have to be placed just so, and you have to go down till you touch the floor, and up until your elbows are fully locked. If you keep working hard at it, you‘ll get it. Good luck!!
Thanks for the encouragement Planes :)

Now touching the floor would be easy for me as I am overweight and have rather large-you know ;-) However, I think the thing is your upper arms have to be parallel to the floor.

Could be worse I guess- you guys have to do 19!
Just be careful you‘re doing eahc one properly. No need to waste energy on a push-up that doesnt count!
I‘m not sure what chances I have of getting accepted if I can‘t do the pushup thing properly (by March 30) I know I will have to do tons of them during BOT. In the meantime I‘m just going to keep working to develop strength.
You have to meet the minimum requirement. Your best bet is to ask a recruiter about the "proper" way for females to do pushups.

I don‘t know myself if females are allowed to do them from the knees.

However, If you have to do them the same way as the men, then I would recommend reschedualing your PT test until you are sure that you can meet the minimum. I would also recommend training to do a few extra so that you don‘t run into any trouble on test day if you are tired or something.

Anyway, good luck.
When I first started to do push ups I couldn‘t even do one. It took me about a month to do 3-4 and now on a good day I can do 15. Not alot I know but for me I am happy!! I don‘t do them faithfully everyday though. To build my upper body strength I also worked on my back, shoulders and chest at the gym with weights. Maybe your friend from the gym can recommend some exercises to build your upper body strength.
I did mine at the base in Greenwood and here they do not let females do them on their knees. They have to be proper "man" push ups!
As someone previously stated maybe you should reschedule your PT test until you can do the 9. It saves you from being retested and having to pay for the test yourself. And from what I was told, you get retested on everything, not just the pushups.
What ever you decide good luck and let us know how you make out!
Hi Cathy, welcome. A suggestion, from one medi to another, get a couple of dumbells (weights *smile*) 10lb to start and work your anterior, medial, and posterior deltoids. If you try to target the brachialis it‘ll support the larger brachii when it‘s time to do the PT. Don‘t try the pushups until you‘ve done this for at least 2 weeks. You‘ll surprise yourself. I wish you luck, after all, we all need nurses! ;)
Thanks for everyone‘s tips !!!

Guess I‘m doing boy pushups, darn <g>

I‘ve got 3 weeks, and I‘m totally working on these- have seen improvements already.

Interesting- I agree with working delts Cath :) I was surprised, the routine the PSP guy gave me was somewhat chest- oriented. Also I need to work on keeping the head up, and energy conservation. Time to hit the gym for the weights!

You guys are awesome- wonderful motivational boost!
They are going to put a mat down in front of you that is about 8cm off the floor. When you do each pushup you chin will have to touch the mat. Also unless they change the system for people over 26 (I don‘t think they have), you will have to do full pushups not just from the knee.
The CFRCs have some new recruiting literature. Among these items is a small CD-ROM containing information about the exercises that you must do (situps, pushups, step test). The interesting part of this is that there are some videos that give you examples of exactly how to perform said exercises for the test. Very useful. I recommend picking one of these CDs up and having a browse.
Thx Casing, I have said little CD rom and have studied the pushup part of it minutely (a male and female side by side pushup to some funky music). It was helpful but I felt they could have had more info about what does not constitute a ‘legal‘ pushup, common errors, videos of actual tests (for example, there‘s nothing on the video about a chin- measuring mat). It wasn‘t bad though- one thing I learned from it was that your elbows had to point towards your feet and not out to the sides.
First off welcome!

You must do proper "male" pushups...all 9 of them. No stopping, pausing or any of that crap.

My advise to you is forego the mini weights and hit the gym and get some serious workouts in if you have so little time before your testing.

Talk to the PSP guys and gals...they‘ll help you out in regards to your questions to form. You‘ll also be able to find out how picky in that regard when they test you they will be....

Did mine last year...pumped out 35 to standard. The PSP guy was a real jerk though...I actually pushed out 55.

Have fun...and again welcome :D

Try an exercise ball that matches your height. If its extremely difficult, start at your waist. With the ball under your waist, your hands on floor in the pushup position. Do as many as you can for a few days, or until you know its too easy at that stage. Then move down to thighs, knees, then ankles. The ankles are the hardest. When you can do 9 at the ankles, the floor should be no problem. Unforunately you cannot do your pushups at the knees during the test, yes it would be easier, but I tell you doing it the "man" way is such an accomplishment. It took me about a month in a half to do one. When I took my test last Aug I was able to do 11, & I was so nervous to do 9. I tell you all that hard work paid off,I felt fantastic. Oh & just to tell you I originally decided to join the CF in Sept 2002, but did not put in my application until Feb 2003, just because of the difficulty with the pushups.

Good Luck!
I find initially, if you have difficulty doing push ups, it would help if you go to the gym and work specifically on your triceps. They have different types of equipment for this...just ask the staff there.

When I did my push ups at the tests (1st time in Sept, 2003, 2nd time in Feb, 2004 because the first results expired), we didn‘t use a mat. I just did it on the bare floor. My chest didn‘t have to touch the ground, but I had to go low enough so my upper arms are parallel to the ground.

If you don‘t pass the test, you can do it again (but you got to pay the second time).