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Questions about joining the Reserves



Hey ppl i just remebered this site so i decided to see if my account was still here :).

anyways i recently came across this on the CIA website:

Military manpower - military age:

16 years of age (2003 est.)


is this true?, it seems like a mistake on the CIA's part.

- Evan

( I like the new look for the site :army: )
You can join the Reserve at 16, but not the Reg Force.
AlphaCharlie said:
Try not using an american site for your references.

Actually, that CIA Factbook is a GREAT source for projects and information on different countries, especially because its updated every year..

It you can join the reserves at age 16, technically that is the minimum age to join the military, so the site is accurate.
i wasnt, i found that while researching a project on American foriegn policy and noticed it. it has nothing to do with my person refrences to the canadian army.

also there is nothing wrong with the CIA world  factbook, its better then most at providing small details of a countries economy,population, ect. if there is somthing wrong about it don't hesitate to speak up.

The age of 16 is used as a statistical parameter for determining military manpower; it is applied throughout their factbook and does not vary by state service ages.

The CIA World Factbook is a great resource, especially if you get into comparative politics.
As far as I know, in accordance with international laws regarding war, you must be 18 years old before you can be sent into a conflict zone. With that said, I also remember reading that you can join the regular force at age 17 with parental consent. Thirdly, you can join the reserves at age 16 as I am currently in the process of doing right now.

Yes you can join the reserves at 16, someone i was sworn in with was 16, and wasn't even turning 17 anytime soon.

Military Brat is right, during the q/a period with a sgt the question came up and you aren't eligible for deployment voluntary or ordered until you are 18.
which might bring you to another point, if you are old enough to join the army, shouldnt you be old enough to drink????
I just turned 17 two weeks ago. I have been in almost a full year now.
And I agree with you totally Zee...If I'm old enough to be in the military I should be old enough to drink!!!!!!
PteKec said:
I just turned 17 two weeks ago. I have been in almost a full year now.
And I agree with you totally Zee...If I'm old enough to be in the military I should be old enough to drink!!!!!!
Hate to disappoint you Private, but there are laws against that for good reason.

Although you may be mature because you are in the military reserve, most people your age are not, and those kind of kids are not mature enough to drink responsibly trust me, I know, I was the same age a year and a half ago.
Just playing devil's advocate here   >:D:
16/17 may be old enough to join the res/reg military, but obviously the country still thinks that's too young to get shot at, or else there would be no problem with someone under 18 going on deployment. Something to think about if you plan on using the "if I'm old enough to die..." argument. (end of devil's advocate role)

It's entirely possible to be underage and 100% responsible enough to drink. However, it's also true that teenagers tend to have a higher rate of not knowing what their limits are. Taken on a case by case basis, in addition to a number of underage people that I would trust with alcohol, there are also some 20, 30, 40+ year olds that I would not. Unfortunately the law can't work that way. A line has to be drawn somewhere, and there will always be the unfortunate few. If you're responsible enough to drink, you should also be able to recognize that 18/19 (depending on province) isn't all that long to wait to do it legally, and that it's not an issue at all to be throwing back a coke instead of a beer. It's who you're with, not what you're drinking (besides, caffeine can mess you up pretty good too   ;D).

If anyone argues against 16/17 year olds being allowed inside their respective messes though, all that can be said is   :fifty:
I turned 16 on 26 Oct 75, and joined up on 20 Jan 76. A good friend turned 16 on 30 Dec, and we joined at the same time. Then the catch was you had to turn 17 by the yrs end if I remember right. Later I think it was changed you had to be 17 by 01 Jul of that yr. I dont know what it is now.

As for drinking, well in those days at the Regina Grn Jr's Mess, we used to get +18's to by at the mess or depending on the bartender, you were allowed a couple. I guess those days are long gone now.

Looking back now, it didnt hurt any of us, but with 'duty of care' and the rest of it now a days, blame can now be directed on the bartender and CO, etc, if there was an unfortunate incident.

Times have in deed changed.


At one time with your parents permission you could sign up at the age of 16,I don't know about now.
Yet in the U.K. they did have the Boy Soldiers who came from the Cadets and lived the life till they come of age to go Reg.
Ya, I had to get parental permission, inwhich my Dad eagerly signed. I guess mums are just always more protective. She was not as eager. Mums are just Mums arent they.

In Australia, you could inlist as an Army apprentice at 15 ( with Mum and Dads approval of course) until not that long ago.


I joined the CF Primary Reserve a few years ago when I was 16. This is absolutely correct, you will need parental consent signatures on your criminal screening documents etc. since you are below the age of 18. You cannot join the Regulars until you are considered and adult and you are not permitted to go out of the country of military duty.

In case your curious you'll be mkaing about 500 / week in basic.

I handed in my application on my 16th birthday, they didnt swear me in for 8 months but still.  Is there any exception for peacekeeping missions to for example Bosnia?  I know reservists can go over there.  I don't know if it would be counted as a combat zone, or is it you can't be sent on tour until 18?
If it's anywhere outside Canada and not for training purposes, then they won't let you go until you're 18. Just because peacekeeping has "peace" in the title doesn't mean you aren't at risk of getting shot at.