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Questions on Course Loading(Netpo)


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I am in the navres. I finished bmoq last year but havent completed the netpo portion. I should be going for netpo this summer. My question is how do you find out whether or not you are on the course, as I do not have access to DIN in the summer. On top of that, I am currently out of town so I can't get to my unit until early July.
Would the ship office know of the course loading?
Or should I come back a bit earlier and check out DIN?

Much appreciated
Your unit would receive any course loading messages for you, so keep in touch with your ship's office and make sure that they know how to keep in touch with you whilst you are out of town.
jasonyippy said:
I am currently out of town so I can't get to my unit until early July.

You might have heard of a cool little gadget called a "telephone". I'm not sure but it may help in this situation.

Good luck. Yes your unit should know or be able to find out for you.
The message for the upcoming NETP(O) is on the street - released 8 Jun.  Course runs 13 Jul - 21 Aug.  Only 2 members of DISCOVERY are loaded - both MARS trainees.  Neither name matches the name you are using on this site - which may mean nothing at all.  Perhaps this helps you out somewhat. 

Follow the previous advice given above.