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RCD, C Sqn 1951...help with VAC claim


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I am helping a friend with a VAC claim.  He served with  C Sqn, RCD at Petawawa in 1951.  While in the field, he contracted trench mouth.  He has a sick report dated 01 Sep 1951 saying he had trench mouth and he thinks others were ill at the same time.  If anyone was around at the time and has information to share, please contact me at rlmacfarlane@xplornet.com.  Thank you.
A claim for trench mouth?  Seriously?  Does he know it's not contagious?  So whether others were sick or not would be a moot point.
ok...thanks.....he was thinking that the conditions at the time gave him the problem since he didn't have it before or since. 
Trench mouth is basically really, really bad gingivitis.... I doubt he was in the field long enough to not be able to brush his teeth, but hey, you never know....  :dunno:

But.....if he doesn't have any issues with it now, what would be the basis of his claim?
PMedMoe said:
Trench mouth is basically really, really bad gingivitis....

It is important to remember that tench mouth is notably anaerobic bacteria  / spirochetes based versus regular gingivitis which can be caused by dental plaque, medications, malnutrition, systemic disease, genetics, trauma, foreign bodies, or a bacteria / virus / fungus.


the claimant states that several of his sqn members also came down with the ailment at the same time, probably due to the conditions during that exercise pertaining to washing of dishes, utensils, etc.  The condition resulted in the loss of teeth within a couple of weeks.  We wish to contact these other members if possible , to get their stories.  Thanks to those who have offered their input.