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1974 CFAOs

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Hi all, I'm new here so please bare with me. An old friend of mine (ex Airbore, Intel, Etc) who served from the 1970s to 1990s is having a hard time with VAC for claims.

He's been told that in this particular case the CFAOs where changed after 1976 and so they cannot help him in anyway.

So.. I'm trying to find a Copy of the CFAOs that would have been in effect 1974-1975.

ANY help would greatly be appreciated!!!!

thank you all.
has to do with reserves. when called on duty, you are covered (if injured, etc) as a reservist while travelling to duty location. but back in 1974.
That's currently under QR&O 9.06. You can request earlier versions from the email address above.

Current version:

(1) A member of the Reserve Force is on Class "A" Reserve Service when the member is performing training or duty in circumstances other than those prescribed under articles 9.07 (Class "B" Reserve Service) and 9.08 (Class "C" Reserve Service).

(2) Class "A" Reserve Service includes proceeding to and returning from the place where the training or duty is performed, but not when that training or duty, including attendance at local parades, local demonstrations or local exercises, is performed at local headquarters.