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RCN personnel woes

MarkOttawa said:
[Waddell indicated] … that the navy's personnel shortages could threaten the Trudeau government's "ambitious" defence policy [Strong, Secure, Engaged].
Revisiting this, I can't help but believe that producing SSE was  the extent of the Trudeau government's "ambitious defence policy."

I assume they contracted out the actual thinking of national defence priorities and security policies to produce the document.  It was then presented with much fanfare and now they point to it and proclaim, "see? We're all over this military/security stuff -- especially the feminism and ecology bits;  can't win a war without those!"

Recruiting and retention?  Major defence procurement?  "Pffft….don't bother us with trivialities;  you've already got SSE, you ungrateful war-monger people."

…..leaving it to the military leadership to continue cobbling things together to try and make things work... comme d'habitude.  :not-again:

(Sometimes cynicism can be rooted in reality  ;) )