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Re: Disability on course - BMQ, QL, Trades, ect...[MERGED]

I wouldn't be worried about the stutter at all. I'm a newfie from a very small outport community of about 50 people. If our type of dialect is acceptable in the CF, then a stutter shouldn't even be considered as a problem. Goodluck with the recruitment process.
Hello I am new around here, I am thinking about joining the Canadian forces regular INF division. But I have a problem you see I have a speech impediment that where as some times I mess up my sentances, not all the time but some lol heh I have to backtrack and repeat my self in order to finsh saying some thing. When I was a child I had problems with my ears that delayed my speech progress, I am over that now and infact my ears are better then mosts.
Once I am used to being around certan people I am okay and it is rare for me to make an error in my speech. Some people who first meet me think that I have a low IQ because of this, but those who spend some time around me realize that I am not just some dumb person that does not know whats going on. I work at a local computer shop and my co-workers are amazed on how fast I can fix computer problems that they are having troubles with.
I am not sure on if the Canadian forces would welcome me because of my problem, many employers would shaun me for this. If perhaps I would have a chance I know that I would be a great soldier doing my part for my country.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you guys, you have also helped me out, I have decided to call up a recruiter and have a talk with him/her about joining up.
Man, the worst that could happen is that they'd say No. And that would probably only be if you couldn't talk at all. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

A starcraft fan? Good stuff indeed.
Yeah before I found my corrent job I used to play Starcraft every day. I always love playing real time strategy games, as well as first person tactial shooters.
Goodstuff indeed. Prehaps we can play sometime on b.net  ;D
Will having a stammering problem affect me in basic training and overall performance in the reserves, should I choose to join?

Iin case you don't know what stammering is, people always misconceptionalize it as "studdering" when you really aren't. Basically, when you want to say a word, it doesn't come out the instant you want it, therefore it sounds like studdering because your trying to force it out. Anyways, I was wondering if stammering is a issue, and if you know anyone else with this problem who has been successful in the army. Thanks a bunch.
There are lot's of people now, and in the past, that have the same problem AND successful military careers.
I know of more than a few people with speech impediments, and the general rule of thumb is that if you are a good troop, no one fooks with you. However, if you are a shitpump, behind your back you will get it. Hang on, that's the general rule of thumb for everybody in the military  ;D

I wouldn't sweat it. I know plenty of people who can speak "normally" but constantly jam their foot in the mouth with the out-there things that they say, which is infinitely worse than something that you really have little control over, such as a speech impediment. I would say that a few unenlightened people (such as those that point and laugh at handicapped people) might give you grief, but they are generally so thick that you can quickly cut them down to size (even if it takes a few seconds longer). A quick mind is better than a quick mouth, and when you join, you want to minimize on how much you speak anyways. A good instructor will take into account if you have difficulty with your speech when it takes you longer to answer a question, much in the same way if you ask someone (a Francophone, for example) something in English, and the time it takes them to translate, formulate a response, translate that into English, and then respond in English. No worries.

how much does it hurt you during the recruiting proses if you have some learning disabilities?

thank you for all your help
You won't know until you try.
This is a difficult question because learning disabilities can encompass so much. Truth is, no one can easily answer your question, especially not without more facts. The best thing to do might be to call the recruiting office and ask them. And just so you know, many people with learning disabilities make it into the CF.

Good luck.
Yeah.... that nice Sgt & WO will help you understand what you can't figure out for yourself :)

Seriously though.... what kind of dissability is it?
Our system is excellent to teach groups of 30 people make it thru their courses.
Don't expect to get continuous and ongoing one on one if that's what the dissability happens to be - cause, your always helpful Sgt will not always be there to explain things to you.

You will be processed as any other applicant would be and you will not be given any special consideration during the process because of your learning disability.
kincanucks said:
You will be processed as any other applicant would be and you will not be given any special consideration during the process because of your learning disability.

But i wanted to ride the Stubby bus.  :(
Sh0rtbUs said:
There will be no riding of any kind..

Lol, man that comment so didnt work out, i had forgotten all about you.