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Reserve Pension - Contact Questions

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I released on 31 Oct, no contact with Pension Central so far.

Can anyone advise what is the best way to get their attention? I know some fellow released guys have recently sent incandescent emails to the Minister and CDS.

My thinking is ask

When will I be contacted ?

When can I transfer all $$$$ RRSP plus Severance etc

Seems dumb to sit and wait without being proactive.

But if you have to wait - better to wait with a plan from Pension vs sending a fireball.

Feel free to add anything positive.

Thanks to all!  8)
Release, or transfer to Supp Res?  Transfer to the Supp Res won't initiate a pension entitlement.

As well, confirm with your former unit that they have indeed processed the release paperwork.  Systems are automated; if, like many units, your release has been put into the "Files to deal with when we get some time" drawer, the pension folks have received no notification that you released since you still show up in HRMS.

Start with the unit and work your way up from there.


Final unit was NDHQ PRL - they tell me its been sent for validation....... but as I understand release - means they have no more to do with me.

Will email them in the morning.

My usual approach is to start at the bottom and work my way up.  Confirm with the PRL that the release has been actionned in HRMS and RPSR; I'm not certain which of the two is the trigger for the pension folks to get involved.