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Reserve trade training


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Hi, I'm considering joining the Reserve. I'm interested in the Medical Technician profession, which has a 48 weeks length of training. However, I was wondering how could be possible to do a year of training for the Medical Technician if I'm also working weekdays and every other weekend at my regular job?
Thanks in advance!
Unless you are already a qualified civilian paramedic or a former Reg Force Med Tech, you would not be enrolled in the Reserves as a Med Tech. There is a different trade for unqualified applicants, "Medical Assistant". The training required (and the scope of practice) is considerably less.

Reserve Force Training

Reserve Force members are trained to the same level as their Regular Force counterparts. They must be licensed to practice as a paramedic in their province. Once enrolled, they usually begin training with their home unit to ensure that they meet the required basic professional military standards. Following basic military training and further training to Soldier Qualification, Medical Technicians attend the Canadian Forces Health Services Training Center in Borden, Ontario to achieve the remainder of their military qualification.
If you are not a qualified civilian paramedic and do not meet all the qualifications for Medical Technician, you may be interested in a similar career as a Medical Assistant.