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Reserves: Open House / Job Fairs [Merged]


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I‘ve got pretty much the same decision. I know the Rileys are having an Open House/Recruiting Display at the Royal Canadian Legion, 828 Legion St.
Burlington, on Saturday. So, if you want to check them out, that would probably be a good time.
There will be an recruit open house for all Hamilton-area Army units at the end of March (likely 30-31 March and 01 April). All sorts of good stuff will be on display.

Date and Timing TBC

John Foote Armoury
200 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

This is your chance to get more info on THE ARGYLLS, 705 Coms, 23 Service, 23 Med Coy, 11th Field, and the rhli.

Personally, the most important unit to check-out is The Argylls. Find out more at:


OR CALL 1.905.541.ARMY
I might pop in just to say "hi" to some Argyll NCM‘s who struck chords of fear into me last summer on course.
Definitely come by and say "hi". BTW, who were the NCMS?
Great, thx for the replies everyone.  I really want to join the Reserves but I am torn between the Navy and to try for the Marine Engineering Mechanic or Army as an Infantry soldier.

I will be finishing my diploma in April for Mechanical Engineering Technician in Fluid Power and thought the best fit to use some of that education would be as an R312 in the NavRes' and also gain more skills while in that trade, but I wasn't sure on how pratical it would be if I'm not actually on a ship getting the experience. Plus one day in the future I would like to have an opportunity to volunteer & serve on a UN or Nato mission, but I've heard and maybe incorrectly, that it is harder to get chosen for those missions being in the NavRes' then the ArmyRes.

With the ArmyRes as an Infantry soldier I like the idea that they can closely train to the requirements of that trade every weekend required and once a week.

I'm lucky enough to have the HMCS Star and both the RHLI and Argylls to choose from.  HMCS Star is having an open house on the 27th which I will attend to get an idea and find out more info.
Thats right folks,

The 32 brigade is having all of its units come out for this open house. Along with all Emergency Services. That includes Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

The open house starts at 10 AM and will run straight through till 4 pm. Come down support your fellow units and bring some friends, there will be vehicle and weapons displays and food made by some of the 25 SVC BN cooks and HMCS YORK cooks.

It will be a blast! Come on down to the FORT YORK ARMOURIES, MARCH 12 2005 located on Lakeshore and Fort York Dr.

For any other information dont hesitate to call the 25 Svc Bn recruiters at 416 633 6200 ext 2989

Hope to see you all there! :cdn: :salute:
Tommorows the big event! the armouries are setup and ready to go! Great exhibits, Great action, and good fun!

Tell your friends bring family come on down the the fort york armouries between 10am and 4pm! ask questions, take a look at our vehicles.
the cooks will have their kitchen trailer set up and cooking, and i believe the Police services or the Fire Dept brought the balloons. Why not come down tess bring some family and friends to take a look around and support your unit!
Thanks to everyone who showed up, met a couple people from off the website it was nice to see you all.

Good luck to all who end up applying for a position with any of the offices that were hiring.

Thanks again! :salute: :cdn:
have no fear soon enough we will be running another open house at the dennison armouries. so stay alert!

Thanks again!
In case no one has heard yet there will be a travelling military job fair in Jan and Feb for NB and PEI. Dates and timings as follows...
15 Jan Saint John - Coastal Inn
16 Jan Bathurst - Atlantic Host Hotel
17 Jan Moncton - Delta Beausejour
18 Jan Charlottetown - Rodd Royalty
19 Jan Fredericton - City Motel

5 Feb Saint John - Coastal Inn
6 Feb Edmunston - Chateau Edmunston
7 Feb Dieppe - Ramada Crystal Palace
8 Feb Summerside - lakeview Lodge
9 Feb Fredericton - City Motel

all dates are from 1100 - 2000, there will be aptitude testing done as well without a requirement for an application, great opportunity to challenge a professional aptitude test with no strings attached...  :cdn:
Is this mostly for the Reg or Res world (or combined)? Might be something to send our slack unit recruiter out on . . .
Saw a poster for it at Regent Mall (Fredericton) and called the centre.  They said it's mostly for Reg Force, but that you could try the aptitude test either way just to see what you would qualify for if interested.
Over 1000 positions available in over 120 trades both part time and full time.

Over 75 Displays featuring most trades in the Health Service, Army Navy and Air Force

The Canadian Forces offers Subsidized education packages at community Colleges for the following trades
Vehicle Techs
Denial Hygienists
Mechanical Technologists
Geomantic Technicians
Laboratory tech
Biomedical Techs
Radiologist Techs
And more

The Canadian Forces will pay all education expenses and $30k a year while in school and at the completion of the course you may earn up to $52k a year.

The job fair runs from April 30 to May 3 from 9 am to 9 at the Fredericton Exhibition Ground. People interesting in applying will be able to write the CF aptitude test and interviews.  The aptitude testing will occur 1 to 3 May 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. On site aptitude testing will be conducted as well

Immediate employment for many trades if you meet all the entry requirements.
Contact the local Canadian Forces Recruiting Office on Priestman Street in Fredericton for more details

There is also an Military Expo featuring Mass Pipe and Drum Bands, ECMA Nominees The Lapointes, the NS Tattoo Navy Boarding Party Display, and the Jiffy Jeep display. The event closes with Hon Col George Canyon presiding over a mass enrolment of 30 new entries into the CF on May 2nd at 2 pm at the FREX in Fredericton NB

Why are they offering $30k a year plus all academic expenses, and we're only getting $18k a year plus academic expenses at RMC? Humbug, I say. Humbug.
You make it sound like the stock market - maybe if you had held out longer you could have made more money on the deal?

Hopefully this is just banter and not your actual opinion...
Hopefully this is just banter and not your actual opinion...

yea cause expecting to be paid equally is foolish and you should be ashamed!