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Son of CWO (Ret'd) Reg Irvine killed by Drunk Driver


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Any former candidate of the Infantry School in the mid 1990s will remember "Reg" Irvine, the RSM of the school, and the former RSM of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment.  I have some sad news to pass along: his son was killed by a drunk driver yesterday, 15 January 2012.  Here is the story:

While he does not regret his life in the military, Irvine said one sad consequence was that it fell to Judy to raise his children.

"I just didn't spend the time that I should have," he said.

The Irvines plan to go to the forthcoming trial to "represent" their son, said Reg.

In the meantime, he is waiting for the hospital to release his son's remains ahead of a private family funeral later this week at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

The family plans to take Thomas's ashes back to Oromocto, New Brunswick, he said.

"I'm just going to let the ashes flow in the wind of where he used to live," said Irvine.


I just sent Jeff a message to pass my condolences on to him.

Thoughts and prayers.  :'(
Eye In The Sky said:
I think his son spent alot of time down at Griffins did he not? 

Yes.  Griffins (Bleachers at the time, I believe), along with the Oak Room and the Camelot.
While never a fan of Reg, it is with the utmost respect that I send my condolences. A father should never outlive his son. :(
He and his brother were DS at the Infantry School long before the mid-nineties - I have some amusing memories of them from 1979.

My condolences to Reg and his family.
Please pass along our condolences to the Irvine family.

Thank you.
RIP Thomas.
I just finished passing on this sad news though a few of the Regimental channels.

Pro Patria