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South Korea orders 5 more Type 214 submarines before building home-made subs


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More good news for German sub builders:

Defense Industry Daily

South Korea to Order 5 More U-214 AIP Submarines to Bridge to Indigenous Boats

The German Type 214 was selected by Korea external link over the French/Spanish Scorpene Class that has been ordered by Chile, India, and Malaysia. Some would argue that U-214s are the most advanced diesel-electric submarines on the market, with an increased diving depth of over 400 meters, an optimized hull and propeller design, ultra-modern internal systems, and an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system that lets the diesel submarine stay submerged for long periods without needing to surface and snorkel air.


Feb 18/15:
Korea stood up an independent submarine command to strengthen deterrent against the North and “neighbors,”
a new component of its operational plan.

The command is based at Jinhae Naval Base, in South Gyeongsang, managing its fleet of 13 boats.

The South Korean Navy said it will commission five more U214s by 2019. It hopes to then begin work on nine domestically-built 3,000-ton submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles.