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Staff position for connaught


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Hey guys,

Im on stand by for a staff position at Connaught this summer and im wondering how the enviroment is there. I've only been to Val Cartier and it will be my first time leaving Quebec for a summer camp (my first language is english, and Im terrible at French). I'm wondering what my chances are of being called and what is recomended to bring because I have never done staff or been to a camp outside of Quebec... Thanks
xnazzx said:
Im on stand by for a staff position at Connaught this summer and im wondering how the enviroment is there.

I don't actually know what it is like right on the base (in terms of how bad the brush and forest gets), but I live less than a 10 minute drive away. Suffice it to say, during the hottest days of the summer it will go as hot as 36 degrees or more. Today it was a "nice" 7 degrees. About a week ago it was so hot outside that I would have avoided running outside around noon if I could have. Weather varies from heavy rain and storms to stifling hot. You'll love it, its great.

I heart Ottawa :)
Yeah... same here.

A week ago it was like 30 Degrees outside, this week its been sooo cold.

When do staff head to connaught for there summer jobs?
I had some friends staff at Connaught last year and the most recurring word has got to be 'slack'.

This of course is coming from an Air Cadet point of view, as they were both air, but the general consensus seems to be that it's slack.  As to weather, yes very hot during the day and it gets suspiciously cold at night.  From everything I've heard, it's a great place to be.
On a personal note, I applied for staff there this year and just received 'the call', but I've decided instead to go the Reserve route, so I'll be calling as soon as they're open to tell them I won't be there.  Your odds of getting in just got better!

Good luck.

You can call them now if you want, I jsut called a couple days ago...

Connaught: 613-991-4294


((Also, do you know the departure date for a staff cadet?))

As to the departure date, it says on my form the first of July.

Ive been accepted... now if anyone has any advice for what to bring, wear and stuff like that :p, because I know in valcartier all the staff have like a "dance", and this sort of stuff.

Ok, I will probly be going to Connaught for CL Marksman this coming summer. Has anyone done this course at Connaught. if so what was it like and what did you do? Thanks.
I never did the course but I did staff at Connaught. CL Marksman spends the majority of the summer on the range or in class rooms. They do at least one major competition. They use the C11 target rifle (5.56mm) and shoot from a maximum of 600 yards (not 100% on this). Be aware that the course is highly competitive because space in the CLI Marksman course is limited. Hope this helps.