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Status of aquiring combat glasses

  I didn't even bother bringing my contacts for my reserve BMQ.  You don't really have enough time to put them in, the days are usually long so they might be in your eyes too long.....and it's BMQ so there isn't anyone to impress ie. the ladies don't really care how the guys in the platoon look (well maybe a little but it doesn't really matter).  For BMQ contacts are impractical, so I just got a second pair of glasses (the flex frames actually which were amazing), and used the ones I had already as a backup pair just in case.
Talk to your eye doctor about the Long wear contacts, you wear them for 30 days, take them out and clean them with a good rubbing and the little tablet, and put them back in.  I have been on the same pair since 15 October, and still only have to blink a couple of extra times in the morning when I get up.  I have worn these on ex and have no problem.  If this is not your thing, go to a discount glasses store and get the 29 dollar special.  A bunch of us guys have them, and you get ugly frames and thick lenses complete tax in for about 34 bucks.  And when they break, the army will give you a voucher for new glasses at "authorized" glasses shops, which are much more high end than the un sexy items you will have just come out of.
I also second the long term wear contacts.  I only use mine overnight on exercises but they're good when you don't wanna bother w/ glasses.  My eyes get really dry sometimes so I suggest always bringing a bottle of eye drops.

The new issued combat glasses look like your classic oakley wrap arounds in black w/ a band around the back.  Lenses can pop out easily for others and comes in a green bag.  Apparently you MUST wear these and no others in 2CER when in the field (info from a Mcpl who worked w/ 2CER recently).
I'm pretty sure that came down from 2 brigade HQ. 1 RCR also has the same ruling, so it wouldn't suprise me if it came from that level. probably will be "mandatory" across the board.
As these new"Oakley" look-a-like glasses are ballistic safety glasses, it will come down as a dress reg/CANFORGEN/LANDFORGEN that these will be the only form of eyewear permitted to wear during operations and training.

How soon? good question, but for us in Pet as most units have them issued now, anticipate no other type of sunglasses will allowed to be worn in the fd. (less perscription glasses as those lenses are not issued yet).