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Takes courage opening the front door at BMQ



HI gang  I was wondering what happens as soon as one enters the front door at BMQ?

is it like yelling at you right away right there at the front desk etc?

Do they line you up there right away and start tearing you a new one etc lol

also on topic .......any one else curious  as to what happened to those recruits featured in the truth duty valore boot camp
episodes on utube?

there was the old 42 lady smoker ,who kept yappin bout her husband allday
who actually broke her leg and was at bmq for like 20 weeks loll ouch  did she stay in the army or
make it thru to being posted??

then there was that skinny nerdy guy with glasses who wanted to take a quiet walk.
I wonder if they made it thru to being posted etc?
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It probably varies a lot from place to place.

I remember back in the fall of 1998 I did a BMQ course at the Minto Armoury in Winnipeg. While we were waiting in line to sign in, this one crazy (medic) MCpl started screaming at random people in line and making them do pushups. It sure made the rest of us keep our mouths shut and eyes front as we moved forward. I recall that MCpl was super intense and always screaming at people the entire course. He wasn't my section commander though, I had an infantry Sgt and MCpl and they were tough but not psychotic like that.

On the other hand, in the summer of 1999 when I attended BIOC in Gagetown (which I believe has been replaced by BOMQ) there was no such intensity when we first walked in. I just remember going into a barracks building and signing in at a desk. Stuff didn't start getting real until the next morning.

My stories are a bit dated, so it may not be too helpful.


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There wasn't a lot of yelling when I went back in 2010, although I urge you to not wear a hat of any kind once you get off the bus. They did make a big show of going through all of our things and pointing out all the ridiculous stuff...one guy brought a foreman grill and a nettle pot for his sinuses....