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Taking Time off Work for 8 Weeks BMQ - Reserves


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I'm sure this has already been answered before, but I was unable to find any real information on this.

I have began the process of joining the reserves and the prospect of being in the Canadian Forces has been a long time dream of mine. However, being away from my full time job (a job that I love) for 8 weeks will pose an issue. Not to mention, an unpaid absence.

I was curious as to what steps can be taken to minimize the chances of being let go.

I'm sure others have faced similar circumstances; have you been let go from work?

Also the recruiter I met told me that there have been instances where Admirals and Generals have sent requests to CEO's of companies to allow team members an unpaid leave for BMQ and trades training.

I just need more direction in what I should do when I reach this juncture.

As a perspective member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, it's usually a good idea to possibly discuss this option with your current employer just to ensure that you have their support.

For your reading pleasure and things you may want to discuss with your employer before hand.........


I am not sure if it is the same for every Reserve Unit, but I was given the choice of completing my BMQ part-time over the winter, or taking the course full-time whenever available (Reg Force has be to taken full-time, and is longer than Reserve BMQ). Like you, I have a full-time job already (which I feel a lot of reservists do), so I mentioned that I would prefer to take the BMQ throughout the winter. Works out to basically every second weekend from October-March. I'm heading out in a few weeks. Perhaps this would be the best option for yourself if you are unable to take time off of work. I was informed that the BMQ-L, as well as trade training need to be taken full time however. Luckily for me, BMQ-L won't be until next summer, and my trade training probably the summer after, so I have plenty of time to give my employer a heads up as to what to expect over the next few years.
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