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The DEU Sweater - Keep, Bin, Improve

Do you wear the DEU Sweater

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I voted yes on the basis that this is still the sweater in use today. I liked mine a lot. When I was in Ottawa for three years I used to wear mine in the office in the summer because the air conditioning was like Antarctica in the Constitution building.

My only gripe was that the unit dress regs required it be worn under the combat/CADPAT shirt in the field which was somewhat arbitrary IMHO. I always wore my sweaters over the shirt.

It actually isn’t the one used now. It switched somewhere around 2007 - I remember being on course somewhere and we were all to get the “new” sweaters.

The old, actual wool ones were great.
I voted yes thinking it was the sweater I had. I didn’t know they changed them. That sucks.

After I transferred to the Supp List, I went out and bought my own army green crew neck wool sweater. Best sweater in the world.
It also looks way nicer than the sweater. I would opt to wear that instead of the sweater always.

Or an Arc Teryx soft shell jacket, with or without a hood....

I do find it a bit strange that the lightweight jacket for spring/autumn is not issued but you have to buy it from Canex.
Kind of like Mess Kit...?

Ironically, the RCAF/RCN style of jacket is sold for much more at retail stores because bomber-style jackets are (or were) "in style".

The only reason I wear a sweater is if I didn't iron/pin on stuff to my short sleeved shirt. Although just wearing long sleeved shirt with tie and CANEX jacket may be my next step.
Or an Arc Teryx soft shell jacket, with or without a hood....

With hood. So dinosaurs can have heart murmurs over something else lol
Or an Arc Teryx soft shell jacket, with or without a hood....

I don't think the SOF community would be impressed with the great unwashed wearing their gear!