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The Man who Lead the Last American Bayonet Charge


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The Man who Lead the Last American Bayonet Charge​

“I never forgot the Canadian training,” he proudly said. “We didn’t do much bayonet drill in those days, but I gotta say, those Chinese didn’t know what hit them when we charged.”

He was right. In the aftermath of their attack, some 50 enemy soldiers lay dead – 20 from bayonets. Military historian, Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall, described it as “the most complete bayonet charge by American troops since Cold Harbor” – which happened during the American Civil War in 1864.

Millett’s impressive military awards include the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, two Legions of Merit, three Bronze Star Medals, four Purple Hearts, and three Air Medals. In 1973 he retired from the military as a colonel.

Yeah for sure. Pointy sharp things scare people
The whole article is pretty cool too - dude left his National Guard unit without permission to join the Canadian Army during the Second World War...He got found out later, CM'd and them promoted to 2Lt after.
Yeah for sure. Pointy sharp things scare people
I remember reading an article stating as much.

Having a mass of pissed off, screaming dudes running at you with sharp pointy things triggers the flight response more than getting shot at.

It has been documented in modern battles where even a team of insurgents pinning down a section with an RPK have bailed because there were dudes coming at them with cold steel.