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The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

For anyone looking for a good site, these guys operate out of Canada, and I've had great service with them


Big Spoon said:
I have been suffering with ingrown hairs for my entire career (20+ years) I just went with the suck it up method.

I switched when I looked at how much room a six month supply of cartridge razors and cans of shave cream took up. The brush is about half the volume; the razor, a few packs of blades and a tube or two of shave soap is the rest, and takes up about as much room as a pair of socks, or my shoe polish kit.  I figure I save at least $10/month on cartridge razors, so if you stick with the basics, it pays for itself in less than a year.

The lack of ingrown hairs and razor burn was a happy surprise really.

It really can turn into a hobby though; I've found a few times I've gone to order one thing online, realized the shipping is the same as another soap, and added more stuff on to qualify for free shipping. I'm slowly working through a stockpile but probably don't need anything else for a few years at this point. If you get in on one of the facebook groups you'll see a bunch of people that keep buying new stuff and regularly sell off extras, or give some stuff away to make room.

Mens Essentials is another good one too; I think they have a few stores in the Toronto area as well. The various soap makers have their own website as well that you can directly order from, and most have branched out from just shaving soap to soap bars, after shave etc once they are established.  There are some really established brands like the Prorasos of the world that are really solid and have been in business for ever for a reason, so pretty safe bet there too, and you can find that at shoppers, winners etc.
sidemount said:
Its almost like this could turn into a hobby!

It is for some people. There are people with YouTube channels of just them trying out shaving products in their "Shave Den." Some collections of soaps, creams, razors, etc gets pretty out of control.

Personally, I still shave as few times as humanly possible... but when I do, I use good stuff.
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So its been a bit and Civy U is all finished so its time to head back to the army world. New dress regs not being out means the beard had to go.

Upon the advice here I picked up a Merkur short handle. I havent got all the soaps and brush yet but tried it out with just a regular shave cream. Its amazing the difference my face feels even after the first shave. No razor burn at all, no redness, and its much smoother.
I'm quite impressed thus far.

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I've been using a DE (Edwin Jagger DE89, with Feather/Derby blades, and TOBS cream) for a couple years now. Sadly it can turn into an expensive hobby for sure. But it leaves a great shave!

It's a heck of a lot cheaper as far as blades and cream goes over time. But a little more cumbersome.

Anyone on BMQ actually use a DE setup or did they just say screw it and grab a Mach3 and a can? Something tells me a DE/setup is far too time consuming and annoying to work with when you're on BMQ.
How many shaves from a Mach 3 razor?
Yes that's the question.  I replace mine after a week but I hear others get more.
Where do you draw the line and chuck the blade in the garbage?  :)
In Costco the other day and found Kirkland brand triple blade razor.
Cheaper than Mach 3 and an equal or better shave.  :D
Baden Guy said:
How many shaves from a Mach 3 razor?
Yes that's the question.  I replace mine after a week but I hear others get more.
Where do you draw the line and chuck the blade in the garbage?  :)

I've used the Mach 3 Turbo for nigh on 15 years and it's always lasted longer than a week.

Generally, I find if I always shave after a shower, I can use a blade for a lot longer than if I'm trying to use it on a "cold" face.