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Tim Hortons in Theatre Merged Thread (in AFG, no plans to preposition)

flamingbear said:
Starbucks - good coffee?  The word oxymoron comes to mind.
How about non-sequiter?  I suggest you look up the definition of oxymoron.  If you don't like Starbucks, just say so.  As for me, if I could only have one or the other, it would be Starbucks in a heartbeat.  Tims is blech.  Call me unCanadian if you like (it's the Canadian thing to do).

There is at least 1 thread on that somewhere, try SEARCH...

(from memory, yes, but better research it)
dano74 said:
Hi there,
Just wanted to know if anyone had info regarding gift certificates purchased in Canada whether or not they are valid at the Tim's on the base in AFGHANISTAN?
Thanks! DS :salute:

Dano - they sure are!

..... Me, I like Second cup.... followed by Timmies.
And I like Blue Mountain coffee, which TH does not sell, but then neither does SB or SC, I believe the point of having a TH in Kandahar is so that no matter where a pers comes from they are bound to have had a local TH in their hometown and perhaps have some good memories of it.  SB and SC on the other hand, just don't invoke that kind of sentimentality as they don't have that kind of market penetration.  My sentiments of SB come strictly from the movie, "You've Got Mail" and SC invokes a slight memory of Kingston Shopping Centre (although they do make a kick butt white hot chocolate mix) but as for TH, I can honestly say I probably have a TH story (good, bad or indifferent but nonetheless a story) from every place I've ever visited, been posted to or passed through on the way to heading home.  And if the pers in a'stan even have one of those types of memories of home/Canada while they sip a double/double and it makes their time there all that much more bearable so they can get the job done, then I say who are we to sit in the comfort of our homes or otherwise safe environments and tell them they are drinking crap coffee or that the TH there is a waste of money?
tannerthehammer said:
Tim Horton's coffee is disgusting...But then again Starbucks doesn't have any plans to go to A-Stan....Yes lets fill up our troops with shitty coffee and fatty disgusting donuts...How about a bar on base that serves more than 3 times a year...

You're an idiot. Sorry, but you are..............obviously you don't understand why the bar only serves 3 times a year.
Yrys said:
There is at least 1 thread on that somewhere, try SEARCH...

(from memory, yes, but better research it)
I actually did before I posted...it says 0 results when I searched "Tim Hortons" but just to be sure I checked again and wouldn't you know it that pesky little apostrophe made a big difference (Tim Horton's) - found it! Sorry bout that - I should have been more diligent in checking.

Thanks PoPo -  I am now in contact with someone at CFPSA to arrange sending some over. 

In a connected cute little side bar...I got the contact above from an unlikely place - I recently saw a piece on the news about Steam Whistle donating 1000 plus bottles of beer to send to the base in Kandahar I believe...when I contacted them they first indicated that there was no way for the public to be involved.  But then today JOY! I received an email from Steam Whistle that the public CAN indeed donate to send some over.  I am waiting for CFPSA to get back to me with more specific details if any one else is interested in sending a 24 over for the holidays :eek:
Dano, just a note. When searching this site for anything, use the main forum page search bar as a start point.

Using Tim Hortons you get 5 pages of hits, yet if you use the search bar at the top of your page as you read this you will get zero hits.

Picked up the "Tim's Times" Holiday Edition 2006, gotta love it  ;), at the TH's in the mall in Guelph today and found the following article inside:




Web Posted: 12/1/2006 5:46:50 PM

A former Thunder Bay resident has made a generous gesture to show his support for Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

Burlington businessman John Podlewski, who hails from Thunder Bay, is sending 2,600 sets of gift certificates to buy each Canadian in service overseas, a large Tim Hortons double-double and a donut.

Podlewski, who is a former serviceman, says when you've been in their situation before, you really understand what the daily challenges are like. He says he had gotten tired of not being able to do something for them so when he heard about the Tim Hortons franchise in Kandahar he seized a unique opportunity.

'' I knew they'd appreciate a little touch of home and a reminder that we're so proud of them and are praying for their safe return. Besides, it's the right thing to do.''

After leaving the Canadian Forces, Podlewski became a successful business executive. In 2002, he founded and funded Debt Freedom Canada, of which he is president and CEO. The company is dedicated to educating middle-class Canadian families how to manage their money in a businesslike manner to eliminate debt and build wealth.
although John Podlewski does not appear to be a member/participant here

+2600 for his thoughtful gesture!

Proud of the little fella, I am, I am.......

Message from PM
By LAURIE MUSTARD January 17, 2007
Article Link

Winnipegger Matt Podolas, 23, got an extremely pleasant surprise Sunday night at the Canad Inns family holiday celebration.

Back home on holidays amid working six months at the Tim Hortons at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, the Canad Inns employee was being recognized for his contribution to our Canadian troops by Canad Inns president and CEO Leo Ledohowski.

After presenting Matt with a Canad Inns gift, Leo read Matt the following letter: (edited for length).

"Dear Matthew,

"It is with great pleasure that I extend my personal greetings to you on the occasion of your 23rd birthday and your return to Canada from Afghanistan.

"I am certain that our servicemen and servicewomen greatly appreciate the work you and your colleagues do to provide them with the comforts of home while they bravely serve our country abroad.

"I would like to personally thank you for your decision to help out in Kandahar. Your efforts are commendable and I wish you the best as you prepare to return to Afghanistan later this month.

"Once again, please accept my best wishes for a wonderful celebration spent with friends, family and colleagues.

"Sincerely, The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada."

Matt's reaction to the letter? "Completely beside myself. I was shocked and humbled that he would take the time to acknowledge what I'm doing in support of our troops. And to have the prime minister wish you happy birthday. Wow."

Matt's decision to go overseas was spurred by the service of his 28-year-old brother, Master Cpl. Mike Podolas, who recently completed his second tour in Afghanistan.

So how's your tour going, Matt? "Really well. I'm living in an eight-person tent at the Kandahar Air Base, have my own little room, it's interesting."

More on link
Heh.... Interesting! - Am glad even the little guy is being looked after.
Here's to an employer who has gone out of his way to recognize an employee who volunteered to leave his employment, to work in  Afghanistan (at probably better pay) AND he's got a job waiting for him when he gets back

Nicely done!

Apparently (at least according to combat camera), Tim Hortons in theater are doing a Roll Up the Rim contest with actual prizes. On top of that, your coffee comes in an AR CadPat cup!!!


Here's the link to what ratcatcher is talking about.  That's cool.  I was just wondering the other day if they had the rollup cups over there too!
Nice to see continued support from a Canadian Great.
Quag said:
Nice to see continued support from a Canadian Great.

Agreed! You don't see Dunkin' Donuts doing this for the American GI's do ya???  :cdn:
They have Green Beans, which makes some excellent beverages, but no donuts ;)

Timmies is constantly lined up in KAF compared to the other vendors. Good on them!