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"Totally Disabled" - CAF LTD, CPP, IRB


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I'm past my two years with Manulife and considered "totally disabled" I now receive CPP. This is my first month for theses changes, VAC requires me to upload my earnings to calculate my IRB properly. Yesterday I received a payment from CAF LTD, I wasn't aware this payment although smaller would continue. Would I be correct to say After being considered DEC you are entitled to your, CF pension, CAF LTD until 65, CPP and IRB though VAC for a top up if necessary to reach my pre release salary, I also have my Disability Tax credit open. As all of you are aware the first couple of years after release is a financial roller coaster, The income tax you owe is outrageous, plus then you get hit with CF pension superannuation act because you now are entitled to CPP. Which for myself is 15g's and then also owe Sisip Money for over payment once you CPP is open. I'm tired of owning money and I want to my sure my IRB is calculated correctly.


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The CAF LTD might be your final payment, pro-rated to your release date this month, -24 months ago.
Different government departments approve CPPD and the Disability tax credit and have nothing to do with VAC.
IRB is simple. VAC will add all sources of income, (not investments) , so based on what you wrote: CFSA pension+CPPD+VAC IRB = 90% of your pre-release pay. until age 65.
Unless you have approval in writing, from VAC, DEC is not automatic.
If you are deemed DEC, your IRB will continue past age age 75, but reduced to 70% of your IRB. So, CFSA pension and CPPD continue to be deducted from the IRB total.


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Generally, with CPP/CPP(D) there is a change to both your pension, and to your CAF-LTD payment (overall amount remains the same but each individual amounts change). Make sure you upload both the CPP amounts, new pension amounts, and new CAF-LTD amounts so your IRB can be recalculated with the right offsets and to cause less issues with recalculation.